Daily Archives: April 13, 2016

“All That and a Pair of Yoga Pants”


I played hooky from school today. Never in my life have I asked off for a personal day that was free of an appointment or “reason”. The Lord planted this idea in my head to get a substitute for my class two days ago. I was perplexed because I NEVER ask off. It is like , God would have to give me a brain tumor to take time away from my classroom! I think it a “control issue” if you ask me.. Well, I was super giddy as I made MY plans to fill this day… I thought of the places I would go..the people I could meet –

As quick as I made MY plans the Lord erased them and He gave this sweet word to me -“ABIDE”- If you are like me… It is hard to sit still and abide…especially when there are things to do and places to go! Another word he gave me during the day was “ANTICIPATE”….as if to sit on the edge of my seat and await what the Lord is going to say or do next!
My day was filled with an overflowing of Himself. The sweet pleasures of the day included a leisurely cup of coffee and quiet time! It included making a hot breakfast for two high schoolers before they took off to school, clean sheets, a scrubbed out refrigerator , clean carpets, finished the last chapter of a book, crock pot full, swept off porch. This day also included the tossing of two dried out and crispy mums (yes…from autumn) and a changing of the Valentine flag out front! Hey, don’t judge! Life comes at us all fast…I was struck by the beauty of the Lord as he put a bow on the last few minutes of my alone time! I was reading from a book called “Wonderstruck” by Margret Feinberg when I came across this sentence.

“The abundant life begins here on earth as we choose to align our whole selves with God and continues as we ABIDE with God forever. The eternal abundant life we’re called to starts now and never ends.”

There was that word… ABIDE. It is a choice to align ourselves with His agenda.Personally, I loved this alignment today! So, from now on…when the Lord tells me to play hooky from school… I am all over it! Good thing only my dog witnessed the spontaneous , shadow shenanigans on the front porch! Abiding means listening …aligning and anticipating His work in our lives!
May your cup overflow in the goodness of the Lord!
All that and yoga pants,