Daily Archives: April 9, 2016

“Nothing Bundt Crumbs”


This week , I found myself in a hurry to write the daily assignments on the board. My third graders were filing into the classroom and I had fallen behind in my preparation for the day as I had spent moments of frustration dealing with a technology glitch. (Can you relate?) I was in the middle of writing when I became aware of someone in my peripheral vision. I did not have time to turn and look…after all , I was busy. The figure didn’t move and patiently waited for me. As I turned around, I noticed a little package tied with a ribbon in one of my student’s hands. He had blessed me with a gift! It was not my birthday or anniversary or anything! It was a “just because” gift! He had a mini red velvet “Nothing Bundt Cake” that he handed to me with the kindest , sweetest smile on his face! His offering made my heart turn to mush! I gladly accepted his gift. Later that day , as I was pondering his kindness…it reminded me of a sweet truth. This is the same way Christ greets us in the morning. We all have crazy , busy days filled with glitches , frustrations and deadlines. Yet he patiently waits for our attention and seeks to bless us beyond measure! Psalm 103:5 says “He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Lamentations 3:22 says “His unfailing love never ends! His mercies begin afresh each day!” My red velvet cake may be reduced to “Nothing Bundt Crumbs” now..but, just like the young man with a “just because gift”…Christ greets us each new day with the opportunity to accept His “Nothing Bundt LOVE” gift! He is endless, sweet, refreshing, energizing, encouraging and so much more!
Enjoy your day and be encouraged!

Take time to quiet yourself and turn from your “busy” to find His grace!

Is there someone in your life that you could bless with a “just because” gift?

Hope your day is “Nothing Bundt Sweet”!