Monthly Archives: March 2016

Short & Tweet


Birds begin to sing not long after the storm. It is so refreshing to listen to a little creature belt out notes of praise as the clouds part and the sun begins to shine again. I have had this blog for several years…it has sat dormit …for many different reasons and excuses. It is time to get back up on the tree branch and sing His “notes” of praise once again. So, if by chance you bend your ear this way or stumble upon this blog, may you be refreshed in His words. The posts won’t be long… It may just be “Short & Tweet”. Whatever you are doing today…this Good Friday, be encouraged! Jesus faced the storm of His life…He was betrayed, beaten and mocked! He was spat upon and hung on a wooden cross! The day was dark and His storm was intense! He did this ALL for YOU and for ME! Be encouraged!! Sunday is coming! Death is defeated! The “Son” is coming out and His “reign” is glorious! His very eye is on the sparrow and knows when it falls from the sky! How much MORE does He care for us!

Have a song filled day!
What a “tweet” it for me that you read this to the end! Stay tuned for more melodious ramblings.

“May He be pleased by all these thoughts about Him, for He is the source of all my JOY.” Psalm 104:34