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  • Looking back at the brainbow~ HUE knew it would be so beautiful?

Looking back at the brainbow~ HUE knew it would be so beautiful?


I have not been able to blog much since returning to school in February for obvious reasons. Now, that it is summer , I look forward to getting on here more often…

As I walk away from the storm…( surgery-recovery) I have found such beauty!

It is like I am dancing under the arch of such spectacular brilliance all wrapped up God’s covenant promises.

The colors of the rainbow are :  red , orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet…. So , I will dance in these colors…

RED: Red reminds me of the color of  alert or alarm! It is like  the day I discovered the tumor….panic seized my heart and sent sirens whirling in my mind and heart…….It also reminds me of the blood of Jesus that allows us to walk thru anything covered in his protective blood.  Do you have Jesus? He promises to hear the cries and protect everyone who loves him. Psalm 145:17-20

ORANGE:  Orange reminds me of a question…. “Orange ya’ glad you had insurance and this surgery was  before Obama Care kicked in?” …Whatever that looks like…YES! or… Orange ya’ glad it is over? …. YES! Orange ya’ glad He promises to give a weary soul rest? YES! Matthew 11:28 …In fact He says …”Come to me and I will give you rest!”…. So many Orange ya’s … I could go on and on!

YELLOW: Yellow is my favorite! I love how BRIGHT my days were walking in the  daily newness of Scripture and encouragement from sweet friends! Never underestimate the “smilage” that someone can receive when you send them a heartfelt note! 🙂  Do you have anyone in your life that could use some more “smilage” today?  Colossians 2:2 ~ I want their heart to be encouraged and joined together in love, so they may have all the riches of assured understanding, and have the knowledge of  God’s mystery- Christ!

BLUE: One might think that blue would stand for the days I felt it… yes, there were days…and I still have those days… However… instead of an emotional blue…. I see the vast ocean blue! I see the vast ocean of  opportunities that I can take advantage of having gone through these depths. I do not want to waste any of it…. Everyone will have depths to walk through…we live in a fallen world. It is a world that  inhabits people that will run to every vice known to man to ease the pain.  It is all about “perspective”. Have you been through the blues? There is an ocean of people who are going through the same thing as you……reach out for help…or reach out TO  help…. The enemy wants us to feel isolated… ( I am thankful for the Facebook group : Acoustic Neuroma Tumor Survivors otherwise known as ANTS… (I loved knowing I was not alone in this specific area…it is not like many people have an AN!) 😉   Ephesians 3:20 ~ Now glory be to Go! By His mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope….now that is VAST!

INDIGO:  I am a Christian…. I love the Lord with all my heart….. To me, trials take on the form of an “invitation”…. It is an invitation from the Lord to DIG IN to His vast character and ALL that He is! It is where my weakness becomes His strength and I have the opportunity to live beyond myself as I daily DIG IN to Him….and rely on Him! I know this is a little backwards… but…IN DIG ~I GO …. I know this was a stretch…but, it tickles me PINK to play with these colors! There are just too many verses to quote for this color…. in fact, let us change the color! IN DIG U GO!  ha ha… I could not resist! Find our for yourself….

I look forward to this summer…as It stretches out before me! I am so happy to have be in the present ….and I am able to count all of my blessings and the way my Covenant God is sooo faithful! He promised to never leave me….He did not… He was there every step of the way walking me through HIMSELF!

Jeremiah 32:17  ~ He has made the heavens and the earth by His great power and outstretched arm….NOTHING is too difficult for Him!










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