From “NUMB” to ….”WHOOO HOOO!~”



One of the first signs that I knew something was ominously wrong…was the fact that my tongue started going numb. It started on the right side of the tongue and then invaded the right side of my mouth. This was passed  the time I checked for “ear wax”…and about the time I was trying a new medicine for allergies…

( BTW…..it is ALWAYS a good idea to “listen” to your body and it will tell you if something is not right…yes…your body will tell you!.)

When I went to the ENT doctor … the thing that concerned him was …the numbing of my tongue. Let me tell you….by the time I had surgery,  not only was my tongue numb…it started looking funny and changing….It was as though my taste buds had totally gone on strike and told the right side of my face to follow. ~ for it… too… began to feel cool.

OK… SO! I say all of that to SAY!!!!

The DAY AFTER SURGERY….. The DAY after I get this “plum” sized bag of blob off of my nerves….the blood was allowed to flow back freely…revitalizing everything in it’s path! Yes…my taste buddies came back with a vengeance! The ~ creepy color of my tongue turned back to precious pink…and the old rubbed off and was replaced by NEW! ~ Imagine…IMMEDIATELY…… AFTER  GETTING  THE BLOB … OUT!  WHAT  a DIFFERENCE! My taste buds became so hyper…. all I could really eat for a few days was apple sauce ,pudding,…and my favorite, Rice Krispies!

This so made me ponder…I have worked with teenagers…. spend endless hours in conversations with them at various events including …”Shleep Ovas” ~(….that is a key  time to listen… they really open up in the middle of the night)….Not sure why they are called “Sleep Overs” …NO one hardly sleeps until it is time to go…or  has all been cleaned up! 😉 I love it though!


I see so many young people….students….may I dare say even adults….walking around NUMB.

Numb to WHO they are…and WHO they are CREATED to be!

Numb to GOALS….Numb to LIFE….NUMB….to hurt….Numb to LOVE… Numb….just plain NUMB.

The TRAGEDY….People have taken this so far as to look for numbing agents to “help” with it all ~ to push them farther into numbness…whether it be…alcohol, shopping, eating, drugs, U name it….One thing that has hit me that not many people talk about is “Cutting”….some  are so desperate to FEEL something/anything….that the only way to” feel” is to take a knife and CUT…. deep into their precious skin. ~ allowing the blood to flow …It doesn’t make any sense …but it really is a problem.

If only they knew that the nails…that CUT into the hands and feet of  JESUS have  extracted  the “BIG BAG OF BLOB” called sin  that rests on the very nerves of all mankind. He has REMOVED the parasite …the tumor of SIN. He DIED so we could feel and experience TRUE LIFE! All of us are looking and want to experience LIFE. Why do we keep looking away from the CROSS?

I will close….in this….

Please let the reality of the CROSS ….be before you today. He came as the Great Physician to remove the tumor of sin….. it is GONE! Allow the precious blood to flow and restore any dead areas of your life.  He is only a prayer away…and His Word is available as your phone is near you…. Look up John 10:10 ~ The thief…coward….twerp…big bag of BLOB …comes to steal and kill and destroy. I….. (meaning Jesus) have come that they may have life and have it to the FULL!!!!!!  Jesus brings LIFE!….

……. so does the potential of YOUR tongue and my tongue…. Just as I have been jumping up and down at the reality of tasting yummy things again… I have been on the look out for ways to encourage and use my tongue to BREATH life into those around me.  Just a small heart felt word of encouragement might just be the very thing that sets a numbing heart …into …..”whoo hooo”~ WOW….. Someone does cares about me!”

Have a precious day….



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  • Thank you Wanda for another wonderful uplifting message! Praying your recovery will continue to be fast with no speed bumps along the way <3

  • You have a gift, to turn every situation into wordplay and have it end with “God loves you.” We, novices, are learning from your words how to see things differently, and thereby encourage those near us. I promise to be in line at your first book signing. I love you.

  • Just plain ole awesome!!!! I’ll be in line for the book signing too 🙂


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