Daily Archives: January 7, 2014

“Snap , Crackle, Pop!”


Going into the surgery… I knew I would come out deaf in my right ear.  Everyone loves to “test” their new boundaries… so that is what I did with my morning cereal at the hospital. I poured my milk…and waited for the familiar sound to erupt from my cereal bowl. Augh…. “Snap! Crackle and POP!” I heard it in my left ear… and then…. moment of truth…… slight tilt of the head….~ “SILENT”….

Ok…I  knew this was going to happen… It is now a “moment” of discovery in my new reality. If I am going to have a moment like that…I guess it is best to have 3 fun little friends with cool hats … named Snap , Crackle and Pop help with the life changing  news.

I am several weeks post op…and I will tell you it is quite an adjustment. That is all I am going to say about that….

I can look at this in one of two ways… half empty or half full!~ after all……I am hearing half and half!  !

So if you call my name…there is half a chance I will hear you… please don’t be offended.

In Philippians 4:19 it says

“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”

He has unlimited recourses! He is not a HALF way GOD! He will supply ALL of your needs…all of my needs.

All WE have to do is look around us…and know how incredibly blessed  WE are! It is our choice to look at life with a positive perspective. No one is going to force a positive perspective on us. It  really takes being “intentional” about it to have it. The devil wants more than anything to rob….steal and butcher any joy …contentment…or peace that we  have. It is up to YOU and ME to guard it!~ NO ONE CAN TAKE IT WITHOUT  OUR CONSENT!~

New perspective…in finding balance with a deaf ear:

1. I can still taste Rice Krispies…. I don’t have to hear them!

2. Even if I can’t hear…so well… I love how…. the word EAR is in the middle of the word ~ H  ear  T~ I still have all of my heart  .. and it  hears  a lot of things that are not audible.

3. When I go back to teaching… there maybe a little guy or gal  that can relate to me…and I to them.

4. I do have an incessant tinnitus ….a roar…going on in my brain…. Yes… it gets annoying! However… if it shall be a thorn… it shall be a constant reminder of my depenDANCE on the one who will help me hear the music played before me everyday….HIS song of worship played out in my life .One of the GREATEST  JOYS I have found in all of this…. is…. knowing the Lord walks beside me. He has held my hand since the night before school started ….when my tumor was revealed. He has held me up. I know I will need Him more in the days ahead…What comfort to know He still sings over me.

5. I LOVE how the whole thing has brought me to a point of… realizing….THIS IS NOT MY HOME!  One day , I will have a new body…and to think that the next time I hear in my right ear… It will be of angels singing!~ It pushes me forward to think that I can be a message of HOPE to a lost world needing so desperately to find the HOPE we have in Christ. Living HOPE!

6. It has me ultra aware of others….and the possible ….silent….struggles they my be facing…

7.  and besides…..Belly aching just doesn’t do ANY good…anywhere ….anytime…. it just brings everybody down…who needs that?

My dad just walked in from taking the kids to school…. I am truly grateful! Thanks DAD!















I have started a “Blessings Journal”… and the list grows longer on a daily basis only because it is my choice on what I dwell on.