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“Life is Always Changing…Navigating the New”



    Life after “brain surgery” has allowed me to experience a new…NEW.  ~  My dad was here for a whole month and drove us everywhere! There was a point and time where I needed to get back into  the saddle …behind the wheel….and begin “life” again.  We took “baby steps”  with the whole driving thing and.. now I am even driving at night!  It is still not my favorite…but.. I can do it! I am  dealing with a “fuzzy head” …so  I went and purchased new wind shield wipers for those rainy days..my old wipers just needed to go…..I don’t need  any extra “blurr”…AND!!!

    Since old habits are hard to break….I bought a wheel cover… Let me explain! Before surgery…my car used to be my “phone booth”! ~Anyone relate???

 It was my habit to reach for my phone when I am driving. I CANNOT do that any more! I don’t do well…looking at anything other than the road…SO! I bought this comfy…squishy…wheel cover, with a lining of light pink, to keep both of my hands on!  It is a tactile reminder to use BOTH hands and to leave the phone tucked IN my purse. I will have my kids answer when it rings…. and they know NOT to give it to me. I talk now.. in parking lots…

SOMETIMES …. it takes proactive measures to change old habits! I feel confident and happy about my firm decision.  I hope it will carry over into the forming GOOD habit for  my children. (( Grant, my son,  and I drove around an empty church parking lot yesterday… he is 15 and just got his permit… GULP!…maybe the brain tumor came at just the right time to LIVE this habit out!))

There are other things I have had to adjust…  Handrails are my friend!! …. and  If we are ever  on the same bleachers…don’t be surprised if I use your shoulder…unannounced! … So, to the people I have scared…. I am so sorry!!  😉  Balance is a challenge …

I find this kinda funny… One  Sunday morning, I dressed in dress pants for church….. you know the kind that is extra long and requires special heeled shoes….. ..and I absent mindedly  put on the boots I ALWAYS wear with those pants… the boots have ~heels… Dumb choice! What was I thinking?  Well…that has not happened again! did I tell you I was balance challenged??

Once a change has been revealed … we must adjust!~ Otherwise we are walking  “wonky”….Handrails required!

This makes me think of a Scripture… James 1:23-25

Anyone who listens to the Word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror and , after looking at himself , goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. But whoever  looks intently into the perfect law that gives FREEDOM , and continues in it- not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it-they will be blessed in what they do.

Whenever I share… this verse , I love to put pudding on my face….and look into a mirror…!  People love it…especially kids… and I say, “OH, Lookie, there! I have pudding on my face!!!” I put the mirror  down and continue with my talk…. until the obvious! I have to do something about the mess on my face! When Scripture reveals it…. DO something about it! ~ sometimes…..sometimes….. it may take a “REAL” friend to lovingly tell  another friend… that that they have pudding on their face….~

~ People may respond gratefully…. “a real friend will let a friend  knew if there is a big chive  in their  teeth or pudding on their  face.. ~ “OH…thank you so much!~ OR… They may respond indignantly…

However… if it is done in love and in the Spirit… then it is not up to you HOW that person responds. We are called, as Christians, as Parents….and I am talking to myself… to spur each other on to LOVE and good deeds. It is MORE than just that…Iron sharpens iron!  We  are living in a day and age where compromise sets the standard….

~ But whoever LOOKS intently into the perfect WORD/law that gives FREEDOM , and continues in it…not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it…they will be blessed in what they do.

Life is Always Changing….our culture is always molting…new trials are always on the horizon……Scripture stays the same!

My prayer is that we navigate wisely…. finding true freedom… it may  require that  we proactively change old habits!

Here’s to FREEDOM and “safe travels”!


:)…..”SMILE-age”….it goes a LONG way!~


One of the first things I did upon waking up was …. check the status of my smile! YES…! It was symmetrical!… I could do it with ease!!

~ and  ALL was well with the world! I have not stop smiling since!

Well…. there is nothing that inspires a smile more than knowing someone cares and is thinking about you…

Yesterday… I received a call from a sweet co-worker …she wanted to tell me she was going to give a “little something” to my daughter to bring home to me.  I was so blessed by her….number one…. to take the time to call (we got to engage in a sweet conversation) …and number two… I was so blessed… as you can see in the picture…. to open  this  “little something”. I am telling you….. needed sunglasses as I opened this “thoughtfilled” package.

This inspires me!…. SO, I had to use the outlet of this blog to maybe inspire you!~


I know the heart and motivation of this sweet teacher and it is as pure gold! She teaches at both campuses and she just radiates the love of Christ.

So may I say…. SONshine inspires SONshine!~

WHATEVER the “GIFT” is that one chooses to  give….is up to the giver…It does not have to cost money…..It could be in a “text”…a note…a pat on the back….a word of encouragement….a candy bar….a little package….

The gift …proclaims….”I care about you.”

Here are some ideas:

I am just passing these on because they were given to me……

1. One of my sweet co-workers had all the teachers write 40 cards of get well….she put them all in a beautiful box with a journal! I LOVE to open them and see the handwritten words that add LIFE…and healing into my days! She even set it up to have teachers get reminders through the computer  to pray for me during my time off!

2. A sweet student and mom wrapped a bin of sweet little “Happy-ies” …. for me to open as I made my way through the days of recovery! It was complete with a pink glow – in the dark princess wand! You know I loved that!

3. I have cherished the gift of “TIME”….and time is precious.  Whether it takes the form of a phone call or a visit…. I have cherished it! We live “out” away from anything really close….there is something so special about “couch” time with friends!

4. I have not heard of “Take Them a Meal” web site until it was used for us. My family has been SO blessed through this ministry. My dad has been here since Dec. 13th and it has been such a blessing to not have to worry about the family and meals!

When one  family~ from school~ was about to walk out the door.. after delivering their sweet gift of “yummy love”… the mom suggested we hold hands and pray!  Oh…the celebration! ~What a testimony to her young son!…THAT was a gift in a gift!

5. I have received sweet “get well” cards in my mailbox…. and I especially love the handmade cards from students… 😉 YES! There is a TON of smilage in GLITTER!  I could bathe in it!…

6. If the Lord lays something on your heart for someone…go with it! ~ I will never forget the day in the hospital that I spilled Ginger Ale all over the comfy blanket that I brought. I was bummed…. It was only seconds later that a sweet couple came to visit  and had a “gift” in their hand. Would you believe it was a plush …soft …beautiful blanket? OH… the JOY! ~ they, too gave the gift of time ! I was so happy to go for a walk  down the hall with my sweet friend…arm in arm…. and to my sweet surprise…they brought their children…(5th and 9th grade) It meant so much! ~ I was hooked up to wires..my head in a big wrap….I did not care…. I celebrated LIFE!

7. I also received…. VERSES on index cards! Students from 3 -5 th grade wrote various verses on index cards and put them all on a ring. I LOVED looking over them and being ministered to by the verses that they picked!


I am sure there have been other ways … I will probably edit this a number of times…but, I hope this encourages someone to “reach” out and add some “SMILE-AGE” to someone’s day.  I am so grateful and FULL of  thanksgiving to the people who have reached out and made this journey for me easier…just KNOWING YOU CARE! Thank you!

LOVE+CARE=LIFE          LIFE= GROWTH        GROWTH= HEALTH   ~ Do you see the word “heal” in health?

It is amazing how this works…If I EVER feel like I am headed into “funky-town”… all I need to do …is  remember all  the SON-SHINE and LOOK for others to spread it to! ~ Remember…the heart of the GIFT is knowing someone truly cares!

Happy Travels!





From “NUMB” to ….”WHOOO HOOO!~”



One of the first signs that I knew something was ominously wrong…was the fact that my tongue started going numb. It started on the right side of the tongue and then invaded the right side of my mouth. This was passed  the time I checked for “ear wax”…and about the time I was trying a new medicine for allergies…

( BTW…..it is ALWAYS a good idea to “listen” to your body and it will tell you if something is not right…yes…your body will tell you!.)

When I went to the ENT doctor … the thing that concerned him was …the numbing of my tongue. Let me tell you….by the time I had surgery,  not only was my tongue numb…it started looking funny and changing….It was as though my taste buds had totally gone on strike and told the right side of my face to follow. ~ for it… too… began to feel cool.

OK… SO! I say all of that to SAY!!!!

The DAY AFTER SURGERY….. The DAY after I get this “plum” sized bag of blob off of my nerves….the blood was allowed to flow back freely…revitalizing everything in it’s path! Yes…my taste buddies came back with a vengeance! The ~ creepy color of my tongue turned back to precious pink…and the old rubbed off and was replaced by NEW! ~ Imagine…IMMEDIATELY…… AFTER  GETTING  THE BLOB … OUT!  WHAT  a DIFFERENCE! My taste buds became so hyper…. all I could really eat for a few days was apple sauce ,pudding,…and my favorite, Rice Krispies!

This so made me ponder…I have worked with teenagers…. spend endless hours in conversations with them at various events including …”Shleep Ovas” ~(….that is a key  time to listen… they really open up in the middle of the night)….Not sure why they are called “Sleep Overs” …NO one hardly sleeps until it is time to go…or  has all been cleaned up! 😉 I love it though!


I see so many young people….students….may I dare say even adults….walking around NUMB.

Numb to WHO they are…and WHO they are CREATED to be!

Numb to GOALS….Numb to LIFE….NUMB….to hurt….Numb to LOVE… Numb….just plain NUMB.

The TRAGEDY….People have taken this so far as to look for numbing agents to “help” with it all ~ to push them farther into numbness…whether it be…alcohol, shopping, eating, drugs, U name it….One thing that has hit me that not many people talk about is “Cutting”….some  are so desperate to FEEL something/anything….that the only way to” feel” is to take a knife and CUT…. deep into their precious skin. ~ allowing the blood to flow …It doesn’t make any sense …but it really is a problem.

If only they knew that the nails…that CUT into the hands and feet of  JESUS have  extracted  the “BIG BAG OF BLOB” called sin  that rests on the very nerves of all mankind. He has REMOVED the parasite …the tumor of SIN. He DIED so we could feel and experience TRUE LIFE! All of us are looking and want to experience LIFE. Why do we keep looking away from the CROSS?

I will close….in this….

Please let the reality of the CROSS ….be before you today. He came as the Great Physician to remove the tumor of sin….. it is GONE! Allow the precious blood to flow and restore any dead areas of your life.  He is only a prayer away…and His Word is available as your phone is near you…. Look up John 10:10 ~ The thief…coward….twerp…big bag of BLOB …comes to steal and kill and destroy. I….. (meaning Jesus) have come that they may have life and have it to the FULL!!!!!!  Jesus brings LIFE!….

……. so does the potential of YOUR tongue and my tongue…. Just as I have been jumping up and down at the reality of tasting yummy things again… I have been on the look out for ways to encourage and use my tongue to BREATH life into those around me.  Just a small heart felt word of encouragement might just be the very thing that sets a numbing heart …into …..”whoo hooo”~ WOW….. Someone does cares about me!”

Have a precious day….



“Snap , Crackle, Pop!”


Going into the surgery… I knew I would come out deaf in my right ear.  Everyone loves to “test” their new boundaries… so that is what I did with my morning cereal at the hospital. I poured my milk…and waited for the familiar sound to erupt from my cereal bowl. Augh…. “Snap! Crackle and POP!” I heard it in my left ear… and then…. moment of truth…… slight tilt of the head….~ “SILENT”….

Ok…I  knew this was going to happen… It is now a “moment” of discovery in my new reality. If I am going to have a moment like that…I guess it is best to have 3 fun little friends with cool hats … named Snap , Crackle and Pop help with the life changing  news.

I am several weeks post op…and I will tell you it is quite an adjustment. That is all I am going to say about that….

I can look at this in one of two ways… half empty or half full!~ after all……I am hearing half and half!  !

So if you call my name…there is half a chance I will hear you… please don’t be offended.

In Philippians 4:19 it says

“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”

He has unlimited recourses! He is not a HALF way GOD! He will supply ALL of your needs…all of my needs.

All WE have to do is look around us…and know how incredibly blessed  WE are! It is our choice to look at life with a positive perspective. No one is going to force a positive perspective on us. It  really takes being “intentional” about it to have it. The devil wants more than anything to rob….steal and butcher any joy …contentment…or peace that we  have. It is up to YOU and ME to guard it!~ NO ONE CAN TAKE IT WITHOUT  OUR CONSENT!~

New perspective…in finding balance with a deaf ear:

1. I can still taste Rice Krispies…. I don’t have to hear them!

2. Even if I can’t hear…so well… I love how…. the word EAR is in the middle of the word ~ H  ear  T~ I still have all of my heart  .. and it  hears  a lot of things that are not audible.

3. When I go back to teaching… there maybe a little guy or gal  that can relate to me…and I to them.

4. I do have an incessant tinnitus ….a roar…going on in my brain…. Yes… it gets annoying! However… if it shall be a thorn… it shall be a constant reminder of my depenDANCE on the one who will help me hear the music played before me everyday….HIS song of worship played out in my life .One of the GREATEST  JOYS I have found in all of this…. is…. knowing the Lord walks beside me. He has held my hand since the night before school started ….when my tumor was revealed. He has held me up. I know I will need Him more in the days ahead…What comfort to know He still sings over me.

5. I LOVE how the whole thing has brought me to a point of… realizing….THIS IS NOT MY HOME!  One day , I will have a new body…and to think that the next time I hear in my right ear… It will be of angels singing!~ It pushes me forward to think that I can be a message of HOPE to a lost world needing so desperately to find the HOPE we have in Christ. Living HOPE!

6. It has me ultra aware of others….and the possible ….silent….struggles they my be facing…

7.  and besides…..Belly aching just doesn’t do ANY good…anywhere ….anytime…. it just brings everybody down…who needs that?

My dad just walked in from taking the kids to school…. I am truly grateful! Thanks DAD!















I have started a “Blessings Journal”… and the list grows longer on a daily basis only because it is my choice on what I dwell on.