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  • Christmas Reflections taken from the WORD “STABLE”…What a COMFORT!

Christmas Reflections taken from the WORD “STABLE”…What a COMFORT!

AS I woke up from the fog of surgery…. I heard snippets of my surgeon’s voice…telling my husband how things went. He said ONE word that triumphed all other words….”STABLE”. She was stable through the whole process… Fears vanished into air and  I knew that I could go on into my medicated state… at rest with the world.

Chuck told me he was able to get updates through the surgery by phone from the nurse….Lauren…She told him 3 hours into the process that everything was “stable”…  So…stable… was not NEW news to him. He knew how things were all along until he hit about 3:30 and there was not any more news until late that evening. That must have been hard!

I am happy to be  on the other side of surgery and now with  Christmas just behind us, too….I can  sit and contemplate a few things… with the computer on my lap, fire in the fire-place and  my favorite blanket on my lap..((.Thanks, KIM! 😉  Plus coffee courtesy of my DAD!))

So, back to the word  STABLE.

Being a teacher… I love WORDS~ I love the use of words…I love puns on words I just can’t help it.

The word STABLE has hit me. ~ STA-BLE

Stable can be 3 parts of speech..it is a noun, a verb and an adjective.


1. Noun: a building by which domestic animals are sheltered and fed.

2. verb : to put or keep in a stable, to dwell in …hmmmm…

3. adjective: firmly established, not changing or fluctuating, steady in purpose, firm resolution not subject to insecurity or emotional illness

I remember all of the stories and “possibilities” that swamped my thoughts the months before surgery. I was reminded of them again the hour before they started began to cut me open….as the parades of professionals  came to speak to Chuck and I… it was really un-nerving. But, they have to give the info. They were so professional and great!

I had a couple of  options… I could panic and run … or, I could trust the physicians that are knowledgeable in their field and REST…knowing that they know what they are doing. I chose the latter. 😉 I hardly got out the door and I was out like a light.

Now, being on the other side of surgery… and on the other side of the calm, beautiful day of Christmas… I still have “STABLE” on my brain.

Every time I get up …. I have that word wobbling around somewhere….”all right…..Stable….Stable…you can do this…stable ..on foot in front of the other…..”

When they took the tumor…they took the balance mechanism in the right side of the brain so I have to be able to compensate as time goes by. I will never forget …the first time I got to get up. It was a grand trip to the bathroom. yes, a MAJOR success! Everything seemed unsteady…insecure…and fearful.  Every time I got a “new” nurse… I had to explain to her that it was OK for her to STAY IN the bathroom with me. Just the comfort of her VOICE, her  touch ….her presence help really helped!!

It ” moved” me along… ha ha…couldn’t resist!~ I could have been very prideful… and pushed her out…but the comfort of knowing she was there was priceless….

THAT’S IT!!!! That…. is like the STABLE!

My nurse… PHYSICALLY with me.

OUR GOD…. PHYSICALLY  with me and US! His voice…. “Do not be afraid…I am here…I love you… You are going to be alright!”

He is GOD Emmanuel… God WITH US! I want so much for God to stay IN my WORLD WITH me.  Don’t you?

The “stable” of life  can be a very prideful place… we want to DO IT all on our own…We don’t need anyone or anything…As I reflect,  I can just sit and close my eyes in beauty because I did not resist her help or her loving care. She did not FORCE ME to receive it…. It just beautifully came. …and I received.

I know I could turn on the TV at any moment and get back to the chaos of the world…it will not stop. Satan knows he is on a timeline and he knows it is getting shorter . He wants to STEAL your STABLE…He wants to put you in a place of PRIDE so you are so unable to receive what is offered in the STABLE. I can’t think of a better way for a TRUE King to Come into the World …than through a low…humble stable. He is HIGH and LIFTED UP!

He has come to breath the beauty of life into the stench of DEATH…conquering it ….FOREVER!

Thanks for letting me contemplate my new word….How I loved hearing the word…”Stable” just coming out of surgery from the lips of my surgeon!

How I love peering into the “STABLE” living in a world that is nothing but…and finding my GOD

right HERE with me…through the POWer of the resurrection …and the Holy Spirit.

“Take Heart… For I Have overcome the WORLD!~ John 16:33 … That is straight from the Healer’s LIPS… the Greatest Physician of ALL~

NOW… that is STABLE!





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