Twas’ the Night before Brain Surgery….

Twas’  the night before  surgery

and here we are in Nashville.



We are  in a hotel room,

Oh, what a thrill.


The children are home all nestled in up their bed,

hoping that their mom doesn’t  end up… dead. (ha ..ha… it rhymed… just go with it)


The luggage was hung by the door with  extra care,

4:00 am will come  soon… we have to prepare….


Chuck has his Ipad and snacks galore,

It will be a long day… oh, what  a bore.


Wanda packed her special blanket and stuffed animals , too

Don’t poke fun… she might be a little “blue”.


On…Thompson, on Haynes …on nurses and techs…

they will all make sure that  everything  checks….


to the OR  … to surgery…to  the NICU- hall…

Now…Dash away…Dash away…Dash away…all!


And then in a twinkling, Wanda will go to sleep…

the tumor will come out without even a peep.


Chuck will be waiting and will text all our friends…

as soon as soon as the surgery has come to an end.


See you on the “other side of tomorrow”…

 <3   Chuck and Wanda





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  • You are beautiful and so is your spirit! I know today is going to be glorious because God is working! Praying for each doctor, nurse and person you encounter at the hospital and for all to go more smoothly than anyone could even expect!


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