Daily Archives: December 2, 2013

“Just ME and my Lollipop”




Thanks for coming back…. Life has been really crazy lately… Thanksgiving was ah-mazing! I loved having our sweet friends from Georgia at our house! I hope your turkey was plump and juicy, too!

Well, I get to share  a word or two of devotion  for chapel at our middle and high school campus…on Wednesday. The 6th through 12th graders will be there…and it is a perfect time to share some perspective!…. and yes… use lollipops! Yes… an unsuspecting “volunteer” will aid me and lick a lollipop as I read it..

I will speak of many things …. but  I will use a poem I wrote to drive home a point! I am sure , by the end, you will know the point…

Here it goes…

Just Me and My Lollipop

Lick, Lick, Lick…. What?

Can’t you see I am busy?

I am engrossed in this lollipop

and it  is engrossed  in me!

I don’t have time to see the world around…

this lollipop is my “LIFE”…. and we abound!

Closer and closer to the middle I’ll lick…

Finally, I’ll reach what, I think ,makes life tick!

So, I keep licking as the world passes me by….

I dare not look up…it might require that my” self” might have to die…

Die to myself and all that I hold DEAR!?!

All the pleasures and treasures , I know, are going to be, right in HERE!

Lick, lick, lick… What?

What did you say?

Whatever is in the middle will never stay?

It will only be here for just today?

I am missing the heart of what will really last.

I have to change my focus-one day this life will be in  the past.

It WAS just me and my lollipop

NOW, I have to stop-

Look up! Look Around!

God has HUGE plans I have found!

It is His will I want to taste!

Wow,  that lollipop was sure a waste!

I am hoping that whatever anyone is wishing …or working so hard for… is something that will have eternal value. We, including me… put so much emphasis on petty …trivial things… Having a brain tumor really helps put things into proper perspective..

 All of this that we hold dear… will one day be gone!  The relationships we have  and the love of Christ that we share… is what will last forever.

14 days till surgery! I am getting excited… anxious….peaceful…all at the same time. Let’s just say… I am ready!