“What if….”



As a teacher… I love to ask this question a lot~ What IF?

I especially love for my students to write “What if ‘s … in their journals..

I like to ask silly “what ifs”…just  to get them thinking.

I think the cutest one that I do is…”What if we  did not have  gravity?” I love to hear the student’s responses!

Recently we all read about Thomas Edison…. the text said that he was always full of questions! It said his mom encouraged him to learn and to always ask those questions! What if this… what if that… and he actually tried it…experimented it…DID it!

(personal opinion… I think our young people are too  enamored with themselves or the gadgets they are playing with…. to achieve the “top score”… that they are missing out on being inquisitive!~ Missing out on discoveries! ~even simple ones… like what is in the backyard!~  bugs, painting with mud, collecting rocks…etc..

I often think “What if …..”  the people involved in inventing the MRI machine  were too busy doing video games??  The technology to look inside of the skull might not have been thought up…. Who was the man or woman who thought that was possible?? They had to have asked a lot of… what ifs!

If I may say so….. I think those two words put together are a couple of the most powerful words that could ever be put together!

Those are “live changing words”…”World changing words”….I know that I am forever grateful for the masterminds of the machine/microscope that is pictured above! This will be my Dec. 17th…. This will be my surgeons’ world… All day long they will look through this machine to examine my brain and take out the gray matter that is getting on my last nerve! Maybe some marbles will roll out onto the floor, too!  Or…maybe I can just give them a bag to kindly …while they are there…. just replace the ones  that are missing! I know I have a few….:)

I was at breakfast with a sweet friend…. this morning! We just had girl time!~ Over pancakes…and coffee we talked about our lives and her special “What if”… Hers came in the form of her pastor’s words….He asked the question and God put a vision in her mind of adopting!! When it is the Lord’s will …nothing can get in it’s way… and she now has her sweet son from Ethiopia …. Get this!! His name means….”a gift ” in his language.  His life is forever CHANGED because someone dared to ask the question… “What if?”

I love the story of how an old man was walking along the seashore that was littered with thousands of starfish… He was throwing them in one by one! Along came another man and asked him…” Why are you doing that? You can’t save them all … you are not even making a difference”

~ the old man replied…. “To THAT  starfish I did!”…. as he threw it back into its home.


Do you have a What if? … is it outlandish?  does it seem impossible?….. well, I know a God that makes all things possible and He loves to do outlandish things through His beloved! He is fully prepared to use His unlimited resources to accomplish big dreams!

We could sit idle and ask… all of the BAD what if’s that would probably NEVER happen… we would worry our self sick over those.. it would be like  sitting in a rocking chair …working up a sweat… and going nowhere fast!~

I loved hearing her story. I loved seeing the smiling little one pictured in the picture flaps of her  wallet along with her children…

That baby is safe …loved… and cherished at her home !~

I love the potential of those TWO LITTLE WORDS~


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  • My name is Janet Gaught and I am a friend of Mary’s. I will following your progress and I will be praying for you, your surgeons, doctors and your family. We serve a mighty and awesome God and I know He can bring you through this. May God be with you and your family as you embark on this journey.
    Love in Christ,
    Janet Gaught


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