“Departing News”

So, today….  I decided to part my hair on the “other side”.  I wanted to “try” a new thing while I still feel like doing my hair. My hair “parts” on the right side and swoops over to the left…. today….not sure why…but, today…. I decided to part it on the left. I guess with the leaves changing colors and Christmas commercials on the television…  my subconscious is telling me my surgery is not too far away… they will shave the right side right behind my ear…so…I wanted to train my hair to fall to that side to fill in the empty spaces…. Let’s just get the awkwardness over with so I can focus on other stuff later…

Yes…. I parted my hair on the opposite side…. I felt “opposite…lopsidedly….silly” all day. I am going to have to get used  to it…  and GUESS WHAT???!!  no one EVEN noticed…it was hard for people to pick it out, even if I asked them. I did ask  my students and they even  had a hard time figuring out what was “different”!…and they have to look at me everyday!

They did tell me I looked “younger”!!…. and hey, I will that!! 🙂

It got me thinking! ….

( I may know what you are thinking….”ummm, WHO CARES if you parted your hair on the opposite side?”

How many times to we go about our day….worried about how we look… or feel…. or worried someone will notice something we are self conscientious about. We spend a lot of time and energy focused on ourselves. We are worried about what 99% of the people will not even notice…and if truth were told…those 99% are too busy worrying about themselves they don’t have time to notice what anyone else has going on.

So…here is some encouragement …… The time you go somewhere with two different socks on…or something doesn’t match….or all of your energy is spent explaining why you don’t have make-up on…or ~fill in the blank…..there is a good chance people do not even notice or mind.  When I was a little girl, I always thought my hands were too big. I would sit on them and hide them…. same with my elbows…!! I thought they were awkward. COME ON! I wish I could have told myself….”Who cares? …… I also tried to pick my freckles off…to no avail… I still have them.

Sometimes , I wonder why we all can’t relax into our  own skin and be good with who we are. It frees us up to love life a little more and be loved for who we are.  It allows us to break down the walls of expectation of ourselves…. and frees us up to..  just to do “our best “~ whatever that is.

So….”departing news”…. today… I felt “lopsidedly.. silly” as I sported my new “do”.  I am happy to announce I lived through my first day of inverted bangs….

and  I will live through the period of  time when my shaved hair will grow back…. and my scar is exposed.

I will live through awkward moments of non- balance…

I will live in freedom….not chained to the idea that everything has to be perfect ….

and maybe it will be infectious to allow those around me to feel the freedom, too!








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