“Oh… Know your …Knot!”

I love this title…. It is kinda tricky!~

Before I get into it… I have to take you back to my college days… I had a little picture with a saying that said… “When you are at the end of your rope… just tie a knot and HANG on!”  It has stuck with me through the years…. and I often refer back to it…. when things get rough!

I have to refer back to  this Monday.  The horrible incessant noise in my ear was more than I could stand. It was giving me a huge headache … try teaching with a “plane taking off in your ear” and an impending brain explosion on the way. Needless to say… I went to bed at 7:30 without any regrets!

On Tuesday… I remembered this nifty little saying from my college days. As soon as I got to school…. I was greeted by a little girl, who is in my class,  and a note that she had written for me. It was a sweet note made with her little rubber stamps that had on the outside   “Song of the Month”…(it is by  Brit Nicole…. “GOLD”)    On the inside  she reminded me that I am worth more than GOLD.  🙂 I think she likes that song! Then a little cute blonde haired boy came in to my room…. he came in with a gift! It was from his Mom …who will happen to  be my substitute when I leave…. it was an OWL~ and a note to remind me WHOOOO cares for me! THEN… if that is “knot” enough….When I got home , I found a CD in the mail box from my sister in law …and her girls! It was a whole CD  full of songs to minister to me! OK….THEN… I shall keep going! Just when I thought I had reached the bottom of the rope and  had tied a KNOT… Jesus was there to meet me at the knot… even for dinner! !!! My sweet friend , Ginny and her husband came over and delivered the most delicious lasagna …salad….and all the fixings. She even had raisin spice cookies and pumpkin cream bread! So… yummy!

I was so touched that the Lord would orchestrate these events on such a day that I thought I wanted a “fast pass” off of life. I wanted to derail…I wanted out… I wanted it to all go away. the Lord would not let me dwell on those thoughts!

It was as if He said…. “OH , no you’re NOT! I love you too much for  you  to think those things … I know you will get to the end of your rope… I know these times are going to be hard… I know your needs! I know you love Me… and I want you to know how I love you too!”

so…I am humbled by His gifts of blessing!  I am so thankful that …I “KNOW who is always going to be with me  at the end of my rope… who is hanging out at the knot”…   WHOOOO is  with me at  every part of the journey…

So glad to know that  I am KNOT alone…

He is KNOT ever  going to leave me…. He is KNOT allowing this for any other reason or  gain , but His!

And… for that reason…. I will NOT let go of my KNOT!  😉


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