“Teaching with a Tumor”


Here is room #7…at Westminster Christian Academy. This is my abode, my play ground, my domain….my haven!

I love teaching!  I am thankful for the calling on my life! It is truly a calling…. I remember being asked to declare a major as I passed through registration at LIBERY UNIVERSITY…. I had NO IDEA… I said the first thing that came to mind…. “A teacher”  I mean after all… I remember teaching my stuffed animals…grading their papers and marking it with a dramatic flair! 😉 Yes…they were all lined up with my little chalkboard.

Now, I do not have to pretend! Sometimes I pinch myself. I think… it is scandalous…that I get a pay check!  I have a lot of fun and I am honored to be in students’ lives! I love watching them grow!

Teaching with a tumor has its challenges: My poor quiet ones….the  ones that speak at a whisper…. they  have to repeat themselves a couple of times. It is frustrating… Hall duty had to be banned! …. so did lunch duty for that matter (when everyone is allowed to talk) I just do a  duty outside…  I hear a constant “white noise”….. I really have a hard time processing information…  if there is “extra noise”…like tapping, humming or water bottles crackling. (It stinks to have a child fill out  a disciple note for their  unconscious  humming. Sometimes they do it and not even realize it… of course I give grace….but not for the consistent offender..)  The electric pencil sharpener has been totally BANNED. My sweet friend Kristina, came up with the idea to get little hand held sharpeners. BINGO! They work great! I just keep them by the  trash can and they sharpen their pencil quietly! I have learned… when you have a brain tumor…there are ways to get around the daily stressors! The whine of the sharpener is NO longer a problem.

I am super tired at the end of the day… my brain “FEELS” like it is just gray  matter…. full of static. I just have to plan of going to bed when I “hit that wall” so to speak.  I am so thankful for my sweet husband who files papers every Thursday for me to get the Friday folder ready.

I have a great faculty that is so sweet! 015 In fact… today I went to my box and instead of finding the usual mail… I found this sweet gift …wrapped! I was so touched… I wanted to preserve the moment …. so I took a picture.  I opened it and I read the sweet note and found a standing plaque with encouraging words… “You do not have to worry about tomorrow…. God had already been there..” ~ I think those were the exact words… It is on my shelf at school… I was able to thank that sweet teacher… after school.   As I did ,there were three of us teachers  who stood for at least 20 minutes talking about life and the things that touch our lives… I appreciated their words…their wisdom …their love!  That time was a gift in its self.

I know so many people are praying for me… thank you for those prayers!   Not a moment goes by that I don’t realize my tumor is there…It is stressful It is annoying… It is…what it is… BUT, I KNOW those prayers sustain me…and keep me going!

I have to remember .. MANY OTHER people overcome obstacles TOO!!!  … BIG ones… every day!      I am not the only one suffering. Mine is MINOR compared to what some  people have to go through on a daily basis…It is all in perspective. I mean… one of my surgeon’s  (I have two  amazing surgeons… at Vanderbilt)  hands   has  some kind of genetic defect.  (it is symmetrical on both hands) I did not get to ask him about it… I did not want to embarrass him.. BUT…WOW… The obstacles HE has had to overcome!

If he can operate on the brain… I can teach third grade! 😉    Enjoy every breath you have! Savor the flavor of LIFE!

Tah… Tah..for now…. Feeling grateful.

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