I am showing you a picture of the nail that pierced my tire! CRAZY! I went in for a routine check and they found this roofing nail in the front tire.



The Nissan Dealership was going to charge me an arm and a leg for a tire! $423.00! Now THAT is crazy! So, needless to say… I checked around town for better prices. My husband has a connection at PepBoys so,  he suggested that I go and let him “look” at it. The dealership would only patch the nails in the CENTER of the tire. This was on the edge…..

PepBoys did it for a whopping $43.00. Incredible!

I asked for the nail… because I wanted to see it…and because I wanted to hold it. I wanted to see how big it was… etc. I may bring it to class when we talk about “simple machines”.

I may also keep it to be an object lesson.

My thoughts are … this little nail is …when used properly… a tool for building! It is a “roofing” nail. It is used on houses to build up their roof to keep the house sturdy. BUT! if used improperly…. it will deflate , destroy and cause despair.

It is the same way with WORDS. They are tools to build up… encourage… keep sturdy… etc. If used in the wrong manner… they can tear down…deflate…cause despair.

I am not bringing anything new to the table…. it common sense… It just hit me in a profound way.

The great work a little nail can do… the  profound difference a great word can make~

Thedamage a little nail can do… the  huge damage a little word can do~

I want to be a person that speaks words that build up and add LIFE into situations around me….

( Psalm 19:14… Let my words and meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight…O Lord, my strength and Redeemer.)

(Proverbs 16:24 Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and  HEALTH to the bones)

Yes… my tire is patched… I am sooo happy… I would have been so TIRED of paying $423.00 for a tire that I would not have had to pay for. (I feel scammed by that dealership… but life goes on… they have their ways)

Nail someone with a word of life!!!  Peg them with an uplifting word and they will think about it over and over…



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