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  • 2 men, an oil change and a waiting room….God is ah-mazing!

2 men, an oil change and a waiting room….God is ah-mazing!




Ok… so today was a half day at school… so I had an appointment to get the oil changed  at the Nissan Dealership. I checked in and made my way to the waiting room. There was one man reading a book and a silly talk show on TV with a bunch of women gabbing about “who knows what”.  I decided I would munch on my lunch I bought … and settle in. The man reading the book took a phone call and went outside.  Then another man came in and sat down. We made small talk… He spoke about his life and how he is doing after his divorce.  He spoke about all the bickering he and his wife did… I felt sad for him…Then …the man that took the phone call came back in. He joined the conversation… and I found out he is an anesthesiologist! I told him of the brain tumor and I got to spend precious minutes with this man who shared his expertise.  He knew of my doctors at Vanderbilt… he knew all about what I am going to face and I got to ask questions…!!!!!

I loved how he spoke straight with me and I love how he explained everything. He said my face might “go on strike” for awhile… I like how he put it. With a tumor …as big as mine is… I have to realize my face might need some repairing time….it may go “on strike”…AND… He said it “may not”…too.

I could not help but…share… how my faith has help me get through.

I really wanted to remember the encounter …. So  we had our picture taken just before I went to pay.  ( I found out I have a nail stuck in my front tire!)

Anyway….. only God could have put me in a waiting room with an anesthesiologist… open for questions for at least an hour. .

He reassured me that everything was going to be ok… !

Pretty cool… eh?

all…except the nail in the tire! Bummer! Why do  tires have to be so expensive? $423.00…. go figure!

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