Daily Archives: October 1, 2013

I am going to LOSE it!



I was singing in church a couple Sundays ago and the featured song… was…. Well…here are the words…..

“Lift up your eyes….lift up your eyes…. You’re the Giver of life!”

In a split second… I was upset with God… and inquired…. but, “WHY does  my EAR have to die?!” You are the Giver of life?? This seems unfair…WHY?

Then it HIT me…. as the chorus filled the air again and again…. it hit me. In my spirit I heard….I will take your ear…SO that OTHERS CAN HEAR!

GASP! It was settled! My throat filled with frogs and my eyes began to leak…. I just sang … YOU….(LORD) are the Giver of LIFE! ….snd suddenly it was ok.  I would not have this blog and ….you would not be reading it. If He wants to take my hearing so that ONE could LIVE….one could experience what I experience IN Christ everyday… It is worth it!


This little acorn seed looks like it is not alive…although…..It has all the nutrients in it so when it is placed in the right conditions it will grow…(( I have heard seeds die before they grow.. I am not sure if that is true…I will have to do some research…))

This summer, when my dad was here…I put an avocado seed on the counter with toothpicks in it and I settled it on water… I watched and waited for the LONGEST time and nothing happened.  It looked like it was dead…Then one day… I see this  little shoot begin to break out. It is as least 12 inches long now. I may take it to school for my 3rd graders to see… I actually want to get another avocado and start over….(maybe it is an excuse for more guacamole dip!)…. (Then we can  measure the daily growth…;0 such a teacher, I know!) Anyway, I say all of that to say…. I find comfort in the seed… I find comfort knowing that the death of my ear will not be in vain… but I pray it will be used to carry the most beautiful message of LIFE  to those around me. Please pray for boldness … please pray as I want to be sensitive to those around me….who need to…HEAR the  life changing  news of eternity.


Is there anything that has “died” in your life?  Anything that looks or appears to be dead?  Ask God to show you what NEW life he wants to bring forth from that!

He never….never…wastes a hurt.

I did watch a video of this man who had an AN…and he said the best thing about “LOSING it” is that he was able to get the greatest sleep!

Well… alright  then….something to look forward to. 😉