….. a WAR e



Lately… I have been fully   …. aWARe  of the prayers singing over me!  If you are one of those warriors…. THANK  YOU! I feel them every day!

I am thankful I can greet each day … knowing I am being bathed in prayers. I KNOW my little 3rd grade WARRIORS are always lifting me up!


I know that there is a WAR raging over me…. and you for that matter. The devil wants to ZAP our joy…our hope …our courage….he is as a roaring lion. John 10:10.. seeking whom he may DEVOUR!  Well…. I don’t know about you… but I don’t want eaten by a lion. I don’t want my joy to be zapped by a defeated ragamuffin.  I love this little plaque that one of my former 3rd grade students gave me this year….

Our faith must be DEEPLY ROOTED and UNSHAKABLE….. Your ROOTS hold me to your steadfast Foundation  strengthening and overflowing me with thankfulness. I am SOOOO happy this summer I began the book of the   1,000 GIFTS .   Ann Voskamp     What a blessing it was at the time and it really prepared my heart to receive the news of my tumor. It was received in a fertile… thankFULL heart… thankful for a TUMOR?  Well…yes.


In a weird way… I am…. I am thankful He chose me for this. I want to squeeze every drop of Jesus out of this experience and enter into something bigger than me. I want to know as much about my Creator as I can on this side of heaven. I know this means WAR! I know I have satan and his thugs stacked up against me… I know I have prayers in the heavenly realms….I have scripture… and I am prepared for battle.  I know that He sings over me…and that I am aWARe…

He sings over you…. are you    aWARe?

Have a great week!

We have only 2 and 1/2 days of school and we will be out for fall break! We are looking forward to seeing some DEAR friends from Georgia!

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