Daily Archives: September 25, 2013


I was told by a sweet friend recently that her mom had suffered a brain tumor….Her tumor was  different from mine. Hers was on the “inside” of the brain as mine is on the outside….It is  pressing, seriously ,on my LAST nerve!  ha ha! Anyway….my sweet friend spoke about how everyone , including her mom, came out of surgery….MEAN! Yes…Mean!She said all the way up and down the hallway she could witness patients on edge as they came out of surgery.  I was taken back by it…. I know the anesthesia really does crazy things to people….but mean? She said her mom threw her food across the room because it was not what she wanted!

At first, this sounded very scary to me…. I probably will not know what is going on. The thought of being mean ….and me not knowing it…kinda scared me!

Then… I thought again….. gee…..this might be kinda fun!   Hummmm……ME??……..MEan?

I m not looking forward to coming out of the drugs. I had out-patient surgery once before…they had to put me under and I really struggled for a couple of weeks. I struggled with a touch of depression. I am not used to a “fog” of any kind and the weeks that followed surgery  really threw me for a loop. I can’t imagine what this adventure is going to be like. I want to be proactive about all of this…. I have my sweet Robyn (adopted mom, mentor and friend) ready to come and read Scripture as I wake up… Chuck, my husband, will be there , too! I guess already having the mind-set that I may not think straight going into this really helps…. If I go loopy…. remind me of this blog!

On the subject of MEAN…my Pastor said something that has always stuck with me…

“Hurting people ….hurt people”

…. I think that is why a lot of people are just plan mean to others….this world is full of a lot of hurt…People trying to get ahead…striving to get the latest toy…oblivious of others…mean because they are jealous…mean because they “feel” like it… mean because they have nothing else to do…. sad…(just take one look at the evening news)

Only the blood of Jesus has the POWer to overcome it!

We are studying a verse this week … my students have to say it to me by Friday….

It is 1 Peter  1 :3-4   Praise be to the  God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. In  his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that for can never perish, spoil or fade- kept in heaven for  you!

What a GLORIOUS verse!
Yes… we can PRAISE our God! He sent His only Son to give us a new birth through His Son’s resurrection! When we know Him we can LIVE in that same power! We have an inheritance that worms …moths… dust will never see!

I don’t know what I will be like coming out of brain surgery… but, I do know Who holds my hand…and maybe we will have a couple good laughs on the other side of this!

Me??…… MEan?….. (insert sinister laugh!)