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MISSing out, but GAINing more….

It is Saturday morning and the wonderful smells that go with Saturday morning are in full swing! ….cinnamon Rolls, scrambled eggs, sausage and coffee… mmm

Yesterday we went on one of the biggest field trips of the third grade year!  We went to the Nashville Zoo!! Yes! We chartered a  bus and headed up north. Charting a bus may not seem like a big deal…but let me tell you it IS!  Imagine a BUS….with a BATHROOM! Now, that is a huge deal to a third grader! Yesterday morning we loaded up 41 giddy students … armed with cameras, sunglasses, water bottles and sunscreen on a bus fit for a rock star!

Now, having an Acoustic Neuroma…really does not mix  well with a bus load of chatty students… plus the HUM of the bus would have  driven  me APE! I would have been climbing the walls. So, I climbed in a van full of 5 other women. They, of course, were the sweet moms who agreed to go and chaperone. ((They are my heroes! They are what make these kinds of trips so successful! We had so many moms and dads who went!  We were so blessed!))  After we were on the way and headed toward the interstate…. I could finally breathe a sigh of relief…we all had lunches…we were all on time…and all was WELL!

WELL, I was feeling sad as I knew what being on that bus  was  like from previous years…! I love to share the experience of it all with my students. As I watched the bus ahead of me….instead of privately pouting… I decided to join where I was and enjoy the ride!  Yes, I missed out on the bus, but I gained sweet conversations with 5 other women! We talked about everything it seemed!  There were sweet stories of LIFE! ~  tender stories of motherhood, adoption, love of family….there was laughing and tears… wahhh Lahhhh …we even had blueberry muffins!

There have been a few things I have had to excuse myself from…just because … it is just too much.  I have had to tell my family “no” to going with them to a movie…sat outside the door for  praise and worship time at  church…sat outside the door for chapel at school…excused myself for “talk” time in the lunch room…. etc..But , I have found it is all in perspective. I could focus on what I don’t have…. or I could live in the moment and focus what I do have!

I have to remember… my attitude is everything! ~ I love the saying….

” A BAD attitude is like a flat tire.. you will not get anywhere unless you change it.”

I really want to live victoriously through this storm… and I can’t.. unless I keep my focus on NOT….  what I will be MISSing …., but,  FOCUS on what I will be GAINing!



Well….today I was walking with my sweet students back from their special….they have music on Wednesdays…  and….. I was carrying my cup of coffee.. I had also raided the brownies left over in the office! I thought I was “set” there is nothing like having my comfort cup of morning JOE and a brownie…

One of the sweet teachers…  had reminded me early on in this brain… revelation…to DRINK lots of water and lay off the caffeine !! She knows what she is talking about because she spent MANY days out of Kindergarten due to vertigo.  She happened to walk by and ask the question…Is that water or coffee??  I obviously told her it was coffee…and she gave me one of those….”You NEED” to be drinking water….looks! As I walked to my room… I felt a little chided…and decided she must have known  the answer to her question because IF it was water…it was awful DIRTY!

I KNOW~~~ I KNOW~~~ I need to drink more water…don’t we all?  Anyway …the day goes on and at lunch time ….maybe it was the power of suggestion… my body seemed to become SOO THIRSTY for water! I went to the office and bought a bottled …AS soon as I came back to gather my children from the noisy lunch room… I begin to get this aura …It was the dreaded aura one would get when they are getting  a migraine! I was headed down the migraine track fast and I knew I needed to act quick ….so , I intercepted it with medicine…and MORE WATER!

Well, I am so happy to say that the medicine worked,,, thanks to our AMAZING school nurse !! …. and I was able to return to recess for the last few minutes…and resume teaching as if I did not have any issues.

Isn’t that what it is like when we are in need of SPIRITUAL WATER??   He gives us the LIVING water!!!!    It revives us and adds health to our very bones! We are refreshed and feel encouraged.  Our Creator made our bodies in need of H20… water… He also made our souls in need of His water… When we don’t have it… our bodies can do weird things like get migraines… and when we  don’t have HIS water …the water our souls thirst for… we become weary…. discouraged…and down right grumpy.  In both cases…

If we are weary…think…how is our level of water? It may be a  “H2 OH…duh”   moment!

John 7:38 says… He who believes in me , as the Scripture said, “From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water…”