~ Just a CUP-le Thoughts

Hello Friends!

I woke up this morning with this title running through my brain.. ~Just a CUP-le of Thoughts

– This morning… the “thoughts” were not complete in my mind…but as the day grew full…they began to take shape.

At the end of the  school day… I had the privilege of listening to about 15 students recite the Lord’s Prayer.  As each one came… I was able  to just close my eyes and,,,,, hear it ..just one more time!,,,,,,, I savored it… I  longed for more….

I loved the part where we can pray that He would give us THIS  day…our daily bread….  We are not asking for a weeks worth … or 2 or 3 days worth… We are asking for the 24 hour timeslot  … the timeslot that that is called “today”… It is this PORTION…this CUP that I am thankful for…He will meet all of our needs,,, one day at a time.

I set a “countdown” on my phone to countdown  the  days until  surgery… I am at 91 days… I have 91 days to be able to hear out of both ears… After the surgery…. I will not. I can get overwhelmed at that… I can panic…. I can become all depressed… but,





I marveled at the “hoot owl”…. that announced its presence outside my window last night. I loved hearing it… It stayed there a good 25 minutes or so…It is in those time I am ever so grateful for the hearing that I  have…. I hate the  the reality that my hearing will be gone on the right side. Questions flood my mind… What will the last words be that I will ever hear in that ear? I would fancy the idea of it being…”I love you !” …from Chuck. More than likely it will be the sounds of nurses….doctors and  a mix of hospital noises…… Reality  sINks in as I think about the next time I will hear in that ear…. it will the be the sound of angels singing….

Now…that is REALity.                  and yes….                  My CUP is still FULL… I am thankful for the comfort of knowing that  I have the very hope and assurance of eternity through my Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ. My reality is not what happens on this earth , but the beauty of what the Lord has planned for His children in heaven.

So, Here are~              ~Just A CUP-le Thoughts!~                 A couple usually means two…

1…..If  you are healthy…. greet  each day with gratitude!  Today is a gift…. In the big scheme of things…… what IS  REAlly important?

2. If you struggle in an area of your life whether it is financial, relationships, health, job, …whatever…know that the Lord is ready and willing to help you. He has unlimited resources…and He is waiting to draw near to you. He is ready to BE your CUPFULL ,,, your portion for today…


“Owl” love to hear Mr. Owl again tonight… 😉  Besides having great eyesight… I heard owls are really “nosey”… they like to know whoooo is in your kitchen?  They all like to know the same question….”Hoooo, Hoooo , Hoooo,, Hoooo cooks for youuuu?  Have you heard it, too?



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