When HE is at the HE~lm

Every day I have a new “Word of the Day”… I love introducing new vocabulary words to my students. Last week, one of the words was “HELM”.  The helm  is the steering  wheel of a ship….. I can visualize a captain of the ship at the helm as he  navigates  his vessel  through the ocean waters.

I picture my Jesus at the HElm of my ship.   As I look off the deck… I see the looming clouds of the storm in the distance.  I can feel Him encouraging  me  to put on my life vest of trust… He directs  me in the night watches… and comforts me with His Word. If I try to take the wheel from Him I know I am destined to go shipwrecked into bigger storms that were never intended for me. Yes… Yes… Yes…. at times I feel like I am sinking…..  s  IN  k-ing …. Like yesterday… It was Saturday and I just wanted to pull the covers over my head … I wanted to just disappear. Don’t freak out on me…  am “ok”;) I know the devil and His schemes… he likes to  plant thoughts and mess with the mind and heart…. that is why it is so important to guard the heart! I had a choice! I could … stay there and SINK into myself and throw a pity party OR I could SINK into my Savior and let Him bring my thoughts back to life. It is there that I find Him ministering to me…. loving me… releasing me from having to carry it. I remember back in August… I was sitting on my front porch… pondering my life… He told me…”You don’t have to be BRAVE!… Let ME be your Brave!”… I thought about that… and this verse…. “Take my Yoke upon you for My burden is light.” I think it is in the book of  Matthew.  Ok… Lord… it is YOU  and Me together…. I will take this yoke…I will. It is YOU and ME.

Some people say… “Wanda … is always happy!”… Let me tell you… I have my days and moments…I cry in my pillow… I cry on my dog… I cry in my car… but, I also CRY out to a loving Savior who rescues me. He has my back… the other side of my yoke.

May HE always is  and will  forever be at the HElm of my  ship. It is tempting to take the wheel… but He sees the winds… and HE REIGNS! He will navigate me and you  through….let us  grab the map of His Word and keep sailing! We  will LAND in heavenly places!

A ‘hoy Mate!!


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