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Tonight my family was treated to a crockpot dinner , salad , bread and peach cobbler! Oh!!! What a surprise ! What timing!  My daughter had a volleyball match and my son had ABA basketball practice. Tomorrow is Grandparents’ Day at school and parent/teacher conferences.  I have A LOT to do! So, dinner  tonight was such a blessing! It was a GIFT!

WHAT a GIFT! My sweet friend …mentor and “adopted” mother~ ROBYN~ …put the dinner together and drove it to the school that  Joy was playing at.   Several years ago ,God allowed us to meet  we have never looked back! My real  mom has passed away a few years ago and my Jesus knew that I would need someone like Robyn in my life! She brings a wealth of wisdom…love …support and… not to mention laughter! We can carry on about the silliest things! I actually talk to her EVERY morning before school.  I love the depth she brings to my life!                                               WHAT a GIFT!

People with more “gray glitter” in their hair are such a wealth of wisdom.   I wish I could just sit at the feet of people who have gone before me and soak up their knowledge. They have so much to offer…take my Dad for example… He amazes me when he comes down from Iowa to visit… He blows my mind at all the stuff he can “fix” or make “better” ! He knows so much!

While  my husband and I were sitting in the waiting room at Vanderbilt… (the waiting room was full) I noticed the cutest older couple come in and look around for a place to sit… The lady walked with an impairment… kinda like a penguin…She had a very determined/happy look on her face. They came in and sat down. I whispered to Chuck how CUTE I thought they were  . I also whispered the fact that I wanted to know  how long they had been married!!??… Chuck, with out hesitating, said… “ohh,  2 years!”  Well, I started laughing … and GULP!!… she looked straight at me and asked me …if I was laughing at her… Red faced and wide eyed.. I had to explain how CUTE I thought she and her husband was…… Well, before you know it,  the whole waiting room knew their story and everyone was smiling along….  “Bill” was so adamant that I needed to look at the pictures in his wallet . He wanted me to see what his sweetheart … “Ann” looked like in high school!! ….. He whipped open his wallet and stretched across an innocent ,by standing,  young man to gave it to me . He wanted me to look at ALL the pictures!  We chatted for a few minutes …When my name was finally called,  I had to tear myself away from them as my nurse was waiting .    I was , you know, nodding and backing up… trying to be polite…and exit at the same time… …Bill?   Bill  STILL kept  on talking!          I think they enjoyed the attention.

I was bragging earlier about the amazing GIFT Robyn made for us…it was made of love, thoughtfulness and the beauty of what make life go around. She went out of her way to bless us on a busy night…

I was just thinking …

   W H A T       g  I F   t~                                         WHAT        IF?

WHAT  g IF t !   ….. What IF  we took more chances on getting to know other people?

What gift”  ..we stopped waiting for people to come to us for friendship ?

What g if t…. we talked to more people in waiting rooms or in long   lines?

What g IF t… we  included  the generations before us in our lives!?  (They would LOVE…LOVE to be asked for  their opinion…their advice… their expertise…. I am sure Bill and Ann from the waiting room have a lot of fun stories…)

What   g IF t …we took the TIME to  just slow down and just bless someone?

What  g IF t ….  we shared our trials and hurts with someone else and stopped thinking we can be an island to ourselves?

I look forward to tomorrow , Grandparents’ Day … I will see many GIFTS being soaked up  throughout the morning in my classroom. Grandparents will  be charmed and delighted by the sweet children. They have written  poems , drew pictures and practiced a little song to the tune of “Take Me out to the  Ballgame”. We are also going to sing along to the Christian song “WORDS” by Hawk Nelson… yeah… we will  “rock it out”  with Grandpa and Grandma! It was our class  “theme song” to begin this year.

One of my students..”BoBo” told me he was going to share this blog with his Grandma today.  I know  “BoBo’s” Grandma might be  reading this..So. I just wanted to say “HI!” You have an awesome grandson… you should be very proud!

(The kids made up “CODE” names … so I could talk freely about them!)

Well, It is time for me to go and get another helping of that peach cobbler…..May we all be encouraged to think…

   WHAT      g IF t!?


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