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~ dah dah dahhh..students undercover!

I feel the need to inform you that I will be blogging a lot longer (before surgery) than I had expected as of  3:00 pm  today… We thought the surgery was Nov. 26th or…wishfully the 12th… Nada…

It is Dec. 17th.

I decided that I wanted to include telling stories of my students and …therefore ,I felt the need to put them undercover! They have each picked out a “code” name…;) I don’t know where the world wide web is located …or where  the cyber space place is that  of this goes to… so in case of aliens… or spies…. I wanted to disguise the student’s identity as to not upset momma and papa bear.

I look forward to watching  God work through these precious ones!


~ balance~

~ Bal   ance~

The  simple things we take for granted…..

One of the questions that has been asked lately  by the professionals I have seen …is ~how is your balance? I answer …”fine”… But since this all has revealed itself …I find my balance is a little topsy turvy. I have to cautiously guard it. Like the other night , I was walking on the bleachers after the football game and suddenly I felt myself tilt to the

r   i    g    h    t  …then…”OH. … EXCUSE ME…I am so sorry!””  I had used some man’s shoulder to keep me from tumbling over onto the walkway. I looked at his wife and said..  ” I am so sorry!… I guess I lost my balance!”

September 8th… the night before my appointments up at Vanderbilt…I read this from one of my VERY favorite devotionals…Susan Franklin gave it to me!~ Hi, Susan!….

It said…”Accept each day exactly as it comes to you, By that I mean not only the circumstances of your day, but also the condition of your body. Your assignment is to trust Me absolutely , resting in My sovereignty and faithfulness. On some days , your circumstances and your physical condition feel out of balance The demands on you seem far greater than your strength. Days like that present a choice between two alternatives-             giving up       or relying on me.”

Wide eyed…blink …blink!! …WOW…. ok…I felt like God was just talking to me…ministering to me…”HUE knew” on September 8th I would need a reminder worded just like that!

Balance it HARD! ~  It is hard to balance being a wife , a mom, a teacher, a friend, a…..professional sky diver…(just kidding) 😉

It sometimes pushes us to  the limits…and something always seems to go out of whack!

Today was a day where I had to “face” my balance limit… In my classroom , we  established who the “book worm” is in the class… The top reader;) of course!… I have this green bookworm stuffed animal that I hang from the ceiling above that particular  student’s desk. Well, I had to hang it up and decided to chance my balance on the chair …in front of my students .I thought I didn’t want to embarrass myself should something happen.. So,  I  asked one of my gentlemen for help. He obliged and let me use his shoulder while I climbed up and down to hang this worm from the ceiling on cloths pins / fish wire. That’s it…! Sometimes we have to ask for a little help to keep things in balance… and It is OK! It is ok to rely on others for help. The Lord especially wants us to rely on HIM. When  we say…” I GOT IT!” … We are toppling over into a big mess.

I am a little worried about balance as I will emerge from the surgery. … I remember about 4-5 years ago … I had a horrible run in with vertigo. I really think  this marked  the beginning of this tumor.  It was really strange ! Let me encourage ANYONE reading this… IF you think something is not right with your body… get it checked out! God has a way of letting your body know if something is not right.

On the Saturday after I found out about my  A Neuroma … I decided to look on the computer for  Acoustic Neuroma web sites. I was looking for blogs of people who were going through this… I did not look very hard …because  the first two sites were DEPRESSING!  This one girl “ignored” her symptoms for two years because she was “afraid”… WHAT????  Then I went to another one where she just had a bad attitude and a “why” me saga…I thought   ” I am outta here!”  I think looking at those sites helped  me want to start this blog.

~ Balan       ce~

We ar all human… and we  have to learn to rely on others…and we  have to remember it is “ok”… to ask for a shoulder or  a hand….for some help.

Personally…..  I find as long as I am “in balance” with my relationship with the Lord  (reading my bible, praying, praising, fellowship) … I am able to keep my life from going topsy turvy.

PS   I learned today that my  surgery date is December 17th…  It is waaay later than I had anticipated… or wanted…..because “it would throw my life off balance”… I mean…we have to work around the school calendar, ya know!! That would put me back in the classroom a month into the new year… and- I wanted to go back first of January…it is  just off balance…ha ha! ok…I will rest on the Lord’s shoulder and let Him carry me up and down through this journey.