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“face” it ~ face “it”

Humor…. A beautiful gift from the Lord! ūüėČ

Yes, here is one of the stories that broke through the stress of the day. This was towards the end of my visit with my second doctor.

Dr. Thompson looked at me¬† and I knew by the¬†way he moved his hands and adjusted his body¬†¬†that he really wanted me to¬†perk up¬† my attention and be especially aware of what he had to say next. He¬† really wanted me to focus and be aware of the “risks” involved with the surgery… of which I did not want to hear. He¬†HAS to go over these with patients so they may not be side swiped¬†/taken off guard if something¬†does happen. He reassured me that he¬†has ¬†done thousands of these¬†surgeries. (Vanderbilt is especially trained for these) ¬†My eyes leaked…and the sweet student in the short white coat¬†handed me a box of tissues… and Dr. Thompson continued…. he spoke of leaking¬†¬†spinal fluid, bleeding in the brain, infection, stroke,…….he talked about the facial nerve and how¬†my face could be¬†damaged¬†….. I sat there for a second … I let it all sink in and…. out of nowhere…

I said, “Let’s just face it…this stinks!”

Everybody laughed and I could see the interns shoulders going up and down…and my doctor was¬†laughing, too. He looked at Chuck and asked him …”Does she do this all the time?”…. (if he only knew!) ha ha

Whatever the “it” is in your life…God is BIGger….The “it” can take on many forms!…for me, ¬†the ¬†“it” takes on the form of : ¬†the price tag for this surgery, the recovery, the unknowns, the time away from my students ,the day to day tasks of running the house….list goes on.

I told Chuck this morning as I woke up… that I wanted to stick my head in a hole! I did not want to “face” the day. I did not know how to handle all the questions…Would I¬†wear my emotions on my sleeve all day. . should ¬†I bother putting on make up?? How can I face my students?? In the beginning of school, I told them I would get the surgery “next summer” and I was not going anywhere. Well, things have changed and I really want this thing out! Besides my mouth being numb , it is beginning to make my face tingle. ;(

I prayed all the way to school…even cried¬†as I ¬†lifted this day to the Lord. I wasn’t sure how to face my kiddos..¬†I¬† always talk to my “mom”/”mentor” every morning and she prayed for me , too! I¬† continued to debate if I would tell the students. Well, the bell rang and we did our normal opening…and I asked them how their day was…then I told them about my day. I told them about a November surgery and there was a gasp in the room. ..and a few started to tear up and cry.¬† I spoke what God gave to me in the moment¬†and turned to do a devotion out of my ONE YEAR Animal Devotion book… I got like 4 sentences into it and immediately closed it… I had to FACE them and see what was going on in their minds… So I stopped “class” and inquired…..and ….they shared.¬† ¬†I got my big desk calendar out ¬†and we ¬†looked at the “reality” of it all…See??? It is not so bad!!! They were letting it all settle in and one sweet student¬†spoke up and¬†said…¬†that the little¬†¬†decoration ¬†she was missing out of her bracelet was not so important any more… another said she had been squabbling at home over little things…and it seems small in light of other people’s problems. We had a great discussion…One¬†sweet baby¬†had huge tears rolling down her face and so … I hugged her. Then¬†students moved from their chairs¬†and we all joined ¬†in a big group hug. It was the best 45 minutes of “teaching” nonteaching time ever spent! I felt the love and I was so glad I faced my day in light of His strength. I don’t need to stick my head in a hole anymore…We can’t ignore¬†whatever our “it” is¬†and we have to choose to turn and …..face it!

Let’s face it…our God is BIGger than what we face.

You can do all things through Christ who gives you  strength. Phil 4:13