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I “H ear T” today!…..September 9th

I LOVE VANDERBILT! ~ nuf said!

Today was the day I was supposed to go up and meet all of my doctors and get plugged into the system at Vanderbilt. It was to be a “dreaded” day. I must say I was not looking forward to it… It was an unknown…scary place…full of white walls,  waiting rooms and hand sanitizer…It was a place where people went that had “serious” problems with their health…NO!! Why am  ”  I   ”  going here????

The day is over… and…… I “HearT” Vanderbilt!

May I say… I LOVE Vanderbilt? Every experience was top notch! I felt so comfortable there and I LOVED meeting Dr. Haynes and Dr. Thompson. They will team facilitate my “all day” surgery.  GULP! They were so easy to talk to and I enjoyed having the students there that followed them around.  Vanderbilt is a teaching school. I love students! 😉

Like  said before, I began today with a lot of trepidation … Anxious thoughts and mixed feelings swarmed around in my head….We stayed Sunday  night at the Hampton Inn. Early Monday morning,  the Lord calmed my “HearT” in His presence when my husband and I listened to praise music … I only use one earphone anyway… So I gave Chuck the other one… It was great to lay in bed…5:00 ish and listen to praise music and set our thoughts on Him. Then,  about 6ish  , I read from a sweet little devotion  that my sister-in-law ….Cathy, gave to me the evening before! Then 7ish… I went to the wardrobe/closet where I had hung up my clothes and stood there…something told me to go and get my camera and take a picture. So, I did.     I thought, ” ok…Lord… that was odd…” I later posted the picture to my facebook and encouraged  all of us to “adorn ourselves with the righteousness of Christ.  May we choose to put on faith and  not fear… May we choose to wear hope and  not despair… etc.”    Essentially…I was hoping to give the picture of “putting” on our spiritual clothes.  We have to guard  our “HearT”. We have to give “ear” to his Word and calming voice as He ministers to us and He guides us through how we should view ourselves and circumstances.

Well, this very post was what turned my day around. God knew that I needed to be reminded to refuse the garments of defeat, despair, and sadness…It was in the middle of the afternoon and the dark clouds began to swirl.  We had one more meeting to go ,and as we walked on the city sidewalks , to the next office…my HearT was  shell shocked. My heart had sunk and was snowballing way down into the pit…..Chuck could tell something had given way and it was as though the wind was knocked right out of me. When we got there, I began slumping in my chair…my glazed gaze was out the window and I just “felt” defeat. I realized I needed to get up and talk a little walk. I walked into the restroom and there my Savior gently reminded me of the picture I had taken of my outfit just hours earlier. He said…”Wanda…why are you putting on rags of defeat?…Why are you sinking into yourself?? REFUSE the garments!” It is amazing what a little talk with Jesus can do! I went out and got a couple cups of water …one for Chuck  and one for myself…and I went back in the room and sat down. It was not 2 minutes later and my last doctor came in.  He was so nice! I enjoyed his personality and friendly demeanor! He was very personable with us….He asked us  questions and showed us a picture of his little boy. He was very complete with his explanation of our options and etc.

I am so glad I have a Savoir who cares about my HearT!  I can choose what I think about…I love Philippians 4:8…. It talks about whatever is TRUE, NOBLE, RIGHT…PURE…LOVELY… whatever is ADMIRABLE…Think on THESE things!  I really think my day could have ended in a train wreck had I not had a HearT to HearT talk with my Savior in the restroom. In my last meeting ,my doctor had to shoot straight with me about ALL of the  risks of this dangerous surgery. They scared me!! He had to tell me, as the other doctor, did… that … I will NOT be able to hear in my right ear after this is all over… My eyes leaked and, yes , it was difficult… but , I can’t imagine how I could have handled it if I had not refused the rags offered from the pit just a few minutes earlier….. Instead, I was able to grow in peace instead of pieces.

I…. HearT ….this day! <3  I love it because I know this is God’s plan for me and I am VERY thankful for VANDERBILT.  I have the best care and the top doctors looking out after me.

Even though I will lose my HearING in my right ear…I still   HearT   this day…because I know Who is  holding  my HearT and cares so deeply about me and His relationship with me.

I carried around a little yellow flower all day long. I actually picked it at the Hampton Inn…. shhhh! I wanted a little reminder that …out of ALL creation, I… am my Lord’s prized possession!  I know that at the end of the day, the flowers will fade and the grass will wither … but the Word of my Lord stands firm!

I hope from this testimony of today… you can  Hear His HearT!