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~ HUE ~ knew??..(part 1)


Thanks for coming back! Thank you for your prayers! Thank you!

My heart seems to know every one of them!

Ok… so last May… I was asked to move classrooms. Ok..no big deal…well…at first it was …you know, after you get settled somewhere and  you are comfortable…change is hard. I was used to Room #13. I got to trade to Room #7… it has a bathroom AND a view….to the playground that is!

I decided that I because I was moving , I would do something I have NEVER done before! PAINT!! Yes.. I have never painted a room in my life. I wanted a sage green. It was approved and I went and picked out some swatches. I” hem hawed”  around… and finally went back to the store to purchased the paint!  I was about to check out with the color I wanted and another color caught my eye. I loved it… I looked at the color name and it was “Spirit Whisper”.  yes! … I was sold ..I really liked that name…. AND THIS  “before” I knew about my tumor…So, I proudly purchased the paint and went to work.  I got to school and put the first few swipes on the wall and had a heart attack! What have I done? This looks like a baby room! My son Grant and a young man named Dalton were there will helping hands…. W  a i   t   i   n   g …. for me to make up my mind! I went for it! and….. now…. I LOVE IT!!! ~

The name of the paint is so dear to me because Jesus went before me in this journey setting it up for me to find comfort in His details..The Lord cares about every detail of our lives!  … Spirit Whisper!

HUE Knew?!!! HE DID!!

and He does!! He is the same yesterday… today and forever!

I was very stressed out last night thinking about making “sub” plans for Monday…. that is tomorrow…because that is the day  I will go to that scary , unknown place up in Tennessee that will open up my brain…

anyway… I just settled on resting…. RESTING… I went to bed and decided that those plans could wait and I just need to be still. I could put them together in the morning… which is now. AND….. YES….. THEY ARE ALL DONE!  That is why I am pounding away on the keyboard! ((See, I NEVER have a sub! I hate to have a sub… I would rather have my toenails torn out…I love my kids… I love my job. My classroom is my domain, haven and playground…..and besides…. It is A LOT of work to prepare for a sub.)))

anyway…This is the second part of part one of “HUE knew…”

Guess who had to prepare for a MONDAY… back on August 19th.. I had to go testify in court for a student. (It turned out I did not have to testify they were only ruling on the records and I was free to go back to school way before noon!

I was a little indignant…then… BUT
Guess who got to use the same outline and notes from the computer for TOMORROW! Yes! I flew through the plans and I have time to write to you.
“HUE” knew????     HE did ! and He does! He cares about the details…He

cares about U…

“H   E” knew! ….. all about “U” TOO!

He paints the morning sky for you…He shouts his name across the sunrise…He rides on its wings…Whispering his love songs to you! His mercies are new every morning…great is His faithfulness! (Lamentations 3)

May you feel so blessed today knowing He CARES for you!