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It is not so..”sc-HAIR-y”!!!

ok… so I have this head of hair that doesn’t quit. Whenever I leave salon…. it looks like I have left two hair cuts behind. I always feel a ton lighter…aughhhhh ;)! In fact, I am so ready for another cut. I think my hair is so long out of neglect…anyway. Being a teacher…  it is so easy to put in a braid with a bow.. put it  back in a sparkly headband…or in a ponytail…

Anyway..in this section of the blog….I feel the need quickly to tell you my hair history. Back in the day…it was my crown and glory! It so was my pride and joy.. I spent HOURS primping and getting it just right…just ask my dad!!

Now…I just go with the ” flow”  and tend to it as I need to…straight hair is in style so I just “do” it however.

I have had sweet…seriously concerned ladies come and ask me if they will have to shave my hair to do surgery.  The answer is …yes. That was one of the first questions I asked  Lesley-Ann when she called    from Vanderbilt.  She is my  only connection right now that I have to the really “SCARY” place…up in Tennessee.   ( My God is with me wherever I go.)

She said it wouldn’t be “a lot”…but…that is relative.  Ok..so…. the Saturday after I learn of this Acoustic Neuroma… I hit the computer looking for blogs…(this was before I talked to Lesley-Ann) …I found a blog of a girl who “ignored” the symptoms for 2 years!!  She had to have TWO surgeries.. and  posted a picture of her head … and her SCARy scar…(BLAHHH) and I LOST it! I knew I need to RUN from the computer and never look back.  I am much better today… thinking about it.

Some thoughts:

#1… My “ROOTS” are in trusting my Lord….. even with the little things. In the big scheme of things …my hair is the last on the list. However it happens to be shaved…I will proudly wear the scar of …the beauty of modern technology… and the greater beauty of the path my Lord has for me. May it be a spring board for discussion…and may  eternity be forever shaken.

#2…I do not  have to get “WIGGED” out about other peoples stories! I have enough to contend to in my own… and I am firm in my foundation of trust. I trust that my God is walking with me.. and that He is gently leading me. I must keep my eyes on HIM….like Peter, I will sink as I walk on water with my eyes on my circumstance.

#3… Whenever I feel a pity party coming to town… I know I do not have to feel “shafted” by my Creator …because I know it.. IS NOT ABOUT ME! He went through great “lengths” to demonstrate His love for me… I may be the only  Jesus a lost and “dye-ing”  world will ever see. I don’t have to live in “split ends”… listening to all of the “bangs” the enemy tries to throw at me.

(ha ha ha ha… sorry… had to slip those  in. 🙂 I just  can’t help myself!At this point… I have to have a little “Tumor Humor”…

Seriously… I am not ScHAIRed … I will continue to “curl” up in His lap and “gel” to His promises…

Enjoy your Saturday!

PS… Leave me a punny post… if you think of one..I love to laugh! I hope you think this is as HAIR-larious as I do. 😉


“Its gotta be earwax!!”…so I thought….

So, let me tell you what is on my brain!!

ok…so at the end of May…… I noticed my ear feeling “full”….So , I asked my husband to look in my ear and tell me how to get the earwax out. I went to his office and to my dismay … he said my ear was really clean! I was rather perplexed…. I had been spending a lot of time with either a  Q Tip or my finger in my ear… awkward.

In June… my tongue began to feel funny… like it was tingling. I mentioned it to my husband …again… and he just said it might be allergies! GREAT!!!  ok! That must be it! YES! All the pressure from the allergies must be  making my tongue numb! So,  I got some allergy medicine and began to take it. To no avail! I tried another kind of allergy medicine! It did not do anything….again… hum???

Soon.. it was July…..we  headed to Florida for a trip to the beach… and I really thought it was “better”… Yes …! It must have been those Alabama allergies! It seemed to be better at the beach…(Well, doesn’t everything seem to be better at the beach?) 😉 Anyway, I was SURE that it was  . Now that I think back… of course it felt better , I was away from noise and my ear was out in the open…HOWEVER…my mouth was STILL  numb…now…my lips and the inside of my mouth…. hum???

August rolled around and it was time for school to start up again. We had a day of  in-service meetings, as all schools do …and… I thought I was going to burst out in tears…. well, actually I did. In our smaller/elementary group  we mentioned some  “prayer requests” and I could not help myself. It came out of nowhere.  It really  surprised me that  I was so on the edge of myself. It was really bothering me more than I had let on!.  I had an appointment on the 6th and I was so grateful! Finally, I could get on some steroids…I thought ..”Yes! … IT MUST be a virus!!”

Grateful for my appointment…I head to the ENT . I take a hearing test… answer all the questions the sweet doctor asked me… he told me what he thought it could be… he told  me what he” did not” think it would be based on the results of the hearing test and my symptoms..

But…because my tongue was numb….he sent me for an MRI.

Well…(that’s a deep subject)

I find out that night … the night before school started , that I have this benign brain tumor in my head!  The totality of reality did not hit me till later.  I was happy my dad was visiting and he could hear it in person …rather that over the phone. He lives in Iowa~! (Hi, Dad! I love you!)  Anyway… that is how I found out about this mass on my brain. I can’t wait to tell you more! I can’t wait to tell you how my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ministered to me as my brain wrapped around this thing.

He has whispered many things dear to my heart and encouraged the socks right off of me. I find it scandalous that I can be truly filled with so much JOY… and peace during all of this. (umm, have I cried? YEAH… like a baby…on my dog’s shoulder…into my pillow )  So,  HEAR , I sit…knowing the Lord is calling me to a sweet place with Him. I am praying that I won’t have  “spiritual earwax”… I want to be still enough…shhhhh….quiet enough….ready enough… to hear those sweet gentle nudges from the Lord.

May you know that where ever you are…He is doing the same for you! Thanks for sitting a spell … It is Friday night… all of us are home from the football game! I am ready for some zzZZZZzzzzzs! I just had to tell you how all of this was revealed.

Like really…. how do you go from thinking you have a massive case of earwax to a brain tumor in just two months???