Daily Archives: September 6, 2013

I am sorry…can you repeat that??

It is Thursday night and I finally found some time to play around with my new “domain”…  and very own blog sight!!!

“underthebrainbow.com” has been created to document and journal my journey.  Blogging seems to be a popular way for people to express themselves. It allows dear friends to follow along as well….I am so glad you came!~

So, I am super excited to see what the Lord has for me in this process.  As many know , I have been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor…an Acoustic Neuroma. Don’t worry…  it is benign !! It is a very slow growing tumor that has been in my head for a while now.  I can’t wait to pound my thoughts onto this screen…. and keep a record of ALL of God’s wonderful promises. He is our covenant God! With JOY , I enter into this arena…and I am grateful for all the prayers ,  love and support many are giving to me at this time.

I am a 3rd grade teacher…and the Lord cracks me up! I guess He wants this teacher to experience the ultimate “brainstorm”….I thought about “brainstorm.com” as a domain…but,  it was taken!    (sad face)

I am so glad because I got to think of another one… BRAINBOW!   (happy face)  It was perfect! I look forward to dancing in the rain and twirling in the Lord’s goodness. I will count His blessings and count on every beautiful promise of my Lord!

So,  here is to…underthebrainbow.com !! ….with a pot of “BOLD”!

(Thanks, Deanna… I am still tickled!)

So, if I ask you to repeat what you said a couple of times…… don’t be offended.. I  really am hard of hearing! :0

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