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Christmas Reflections taken from the WORD “STABLE”…What a COMFORT!

AS I woke up from the fog of surgery…. I heard snippets of my surgeon’s voice…telling my husband how things went. He said ONE word that triumphed all other words….”STABLE”. She was stable through the whole process… Fears vanished into air and  I knew that I could go on into my medicated state… at rest with the world.

Chuck told me he was able to get updates through the surgery by phone from the nurse….Lauren…She told him 3 hours into the process that everything was “stable”…  So…stable… was not NEW news to him. He knew how things were all along until he hit about 3:30 and there was not any more news until late that evening. That must have been hard!

I am happy to be  on the other side of surgery and now with  Christmas just behind us, too….I can  sit and contemplate a few things… with the computer on my lap, fire in the fire-place and  my favorite blanket on my lap..((.Thanks, KIM! 😉  Plus coffee courtesy of my DAD!))

So, back to the word  STABLE.

Being a teacher… I love WORDS~ I love the use of words…I love puns on words I just can’t help it.

The word STABLE has hit me. ~ STA-BLE

Stable can be 3 parts of speech..it is a noun, a verb and an adjective.


1. Noun: a building by which domestic animals are sheltered and fed.

2. verb : to put or keep in a stable, to dwell in …hmmmm…

3. adjective: firmly established, not changing or fluctuating, steady in purpose, firm resolution not subject to insecurity or emotional illness

I remember all of the stories and “possibilities” that swamped my thoughts the months before surgery. I was reminded of them again the hour before they started began to cut me open….as the parades of professionals  came to speak to Chuck and I… it was really un-nerving. But, they have to give the info. They were so professional and great!

I had a couple of  options… I could panic and run … or, I could trust the physicians that are knowledgeable in their field and REST…knowing that they know what they are doing. I chose the latter. 😉 I hardly got out the door and I was out like a light.

Now, being on the other side of surgery… and on the other side of the calm, beautiful day of Christmas… I still have “STABLE” on my brain.

Every time I get up …. I have that word wobbling around somewhere….”all right…..Stable….Stable…you can do this…stable ..on foot in front of the other…..”

When they took the tumor…they took the balance mechanism in the right side of the brain so I have to be able to compensate as time goes by. I will never forget …the first time I got to get up. It was a grand trip to the bathroom. yes, a MAJOR success! Everything seemed unsteady…insecure…and fearful.  Every time I got a “new” nurse… I had to explain to her that it was OK for her to STAY IN the bathroom with me. Just the comfort of her VOICE, her  touch ….her presence help really helped!!

It ” moved” me along… ha ha…couldn’t resist!~ I could have been very prideful… and pushed her out…but the comfort of knowing she was there was priceless….

THAT’S IT!!!! That…. is like the STABLE!

My nurse… PHYSICALLY with me.

OUR GOD…. PHYSICALLY  with me and US! His voice…. “Do not be afraid…I am here…I love you… You are going to be alright!”

He is GOD Emmanuel… God WITH US! I want so much for God to stay IN my WORLD WITH me.  Don’t you?

The “stable” of life  can be a very prideful place… we want to DO IT all on our own…We don’t need anyone or anything…As I reflect,  I can just sit and close my eyes in beauty because I did not resist her help or her loving care. She did not FORCE ME to receive it…. It just beautifully came. …and I received.

I know I could turn on the TV at any moment and get back to the chaos of the world…it will not stop. Satan knows he is on a timeline and he knows it is getting shorter . He wants to STEAL your STABLE…He wants to put you in a place of PRIDE so you are so unable to receive what is offered in the STABLE. I can’t think of a better way for a TRUE King to Come into the World …than through a low…humble stable. He is HIGH and LIFTED UP!

He has come to breath the beauty of life into the stench of DEATH…conquering it ….FOREVER!

Thanks for letting me contemplate my new word….How I loved hearing the word…”Stable” just coming out of surgery from the lips of my surgeon!

How I love peering into the “STABLE” living in a world that is nothing but…and finding my GOD

right HERE with me…through the POWer of the resurrection …and the Holy Spirit.

“Take Heart… For I Have overcome the WORLD!~ John 16:33 … That is straight from the Healer’s LIPS… the Greatest Physician of ALL~

NOW… that is STABLE!





Today….7 , well actually 6…. days POST OP!

Greetings Once Again!~  I vividly remember my last entry on Monday night in the hotel room..

… a final farewell to Mr. Tomb-er and a fun poem…”Twas the Night Before Brain Surgery”…..(THAT was Chuck’s idea I have to say!)

There is so much to say… I will try to be selective.


As I laid my head on the pillow that night…I was SO ready…! I think I woke up every hour looking at the clock~ At one of the hours.. Something in my spirit compelled my to say….”Open the eyes to my heart , Lord!” I want to see you!”~  I was a little baffled and wondered ….. was that  all? Was that all Lord that you wanted to whisper to me??… He let me go sweetly back to sleep until 4 something. Chuck and I prayed as we went out of the door…and left for Vanderbilt.

I was soon in the pre-op room…. I was given a beautiful XL purple gown to wear….! It hooked up to a hose that made me  blow it up like a grape! I was “grapeful!” I am always cold… The door kept opening with a new face that tried to remember,,,, They were my critical team … and they were very precise… direct and to the point with their information. They asked a lot of questions….. after poking …examining and marking me… I was ready for the “see you later juice”…. I barely remember getting rolled out of the door…..

17 hours later….it was over. At 1 in the morning, I was rolled into my NICU 6644 room. To be honest….I just remember this “orange” blur.. passing across my face…and Chuck’s voice…. I do not remember what he said….

From there….a lot is a blur…but I do remember some significant things…!

I remember the constant care of Chuck…his presence…I knew his smile was in the room…

I remember the beauty of my nurse… her voice and touch. I was so nauseated coming out of surgery…I could not keep the IV down…or anything that I tried to drink….She was an angel to me…. She crunched up the medicines in apple sauce… all night long…..she came in and I did not even mind she kept waking me up…shining lights in my eyes and asking me my name…and where I was…

I remember this very TIGHT bandage on my head…It made me feel secure!~  At one point… I think it was 4:40 or so…. I had my first personal revelation that I had made it thru… I felt my neck…..”I am alive!”…. I looked at the clock…. “ok”…moment of truth….”SMILE , WANDA! smile!…. I GRINNED the biggest grin up to the clock…and all functions WORKED!” I was astounded…happy…. grateful…. amazed… 17 hour surgery…a tumor the size of a plum…and I had my face! ~ I was braced for a whole bunch of complications for up to a year!~ All melted away…all fell into praise!

Let me just say… and I will close…As the surgeon sat on my bed and gave the beautiful report…I had point out  to him specifically … ALL the prayers that were said on this/ his  behalf…. he said he could FEEL the prayers in the OR. He said it was a “dream surgery and all was “stable”…. ~ There is still so much to say… maybe I can bore you with the details later…. He had a glowing report of such surgery success….

I remember telling many people that this “tumor” has become a “gift” for me on so many different levels…~ a gift to share the love of Christ…a gift to share” HIS STABLE”….but, I never DREAMED it could ever become a mountain top experience of walking through the valley… and seeing the Lord HIGH and LIFTED UP! I am still baffled by that…ONLY a LIVING God…a loving God can do such miracles…even in the face of adversity!

My Morning whisper from the hotel… came true…. “I  got/get to see the Lord… High and Lifted UP (( and those around me , too!) …. My heart can hardly contain all of its abundance .. and wonder…..! I have a ways to go…. from what I hear it will take patience and time.

My wonderful neighbor came and brought a spread of breakfast!~ I feel so loved on and blessed!

Until next time…


Twas’ the Night before Brain Surgery….

Twas’  the night before  surgery

and here we are in Nashville.



We are  in a hotel room,

Oh, what a thrill.


The children are home all nestled in up their bed,

hoping that their mom doesn’t  end up… dead. (ha ..ha… it rhymed… just go with it)


The luggage was hung by the door with  extra care,

4:00 am will come  soon… we have to prepare….


Chuck has his Ipad and snacks galore,

It will be a long day… oh, what  a bore.


Wanda packed her special blanket and stuffed animals , too

Don’t poke fun… she might be a little “blue”.


On…Thompson, on Haynes …on nurses and techs…

they will all make sure that  everything  checks….


to the OR  … to surgery…to  the NICU- hall…

Now…Dash away…Dash away…Dash away…all!


And then in a twinkling, Wanda will go to sleep…

the tumor will come out without even a peep.


Chuck will be waiting and will text all our friends…

as soon as soon as the surgery has come to an end.


See you on the “other side of tomorrow”…

 <3   Chuck and Wanda





Dear “Tomb-er”,

Dear Mr. Tomb-er,

      I am excited to inform you that your days of  mooching are OVER!  You have been allowed to be a parasite for far too long. You have latched onto my very last nerve and I am about to expel you from the premises.  Yes… you have gotten fat , ugly and  way too comfortable. You have created mayhem in my head, but not in my heart. You have made things very uncomfortable and you have made me adjust to a new normal. But, tomorrow? You will be history! I wonder where you will go….?? The dump is too good for you. Putting you with scum on top of the pond scum is not fitting. …even toxic waste is too good for your kind. You are a jerk for showing up the night before school started…. just saying.

    I am not happy about you taking residence in my brain. However, I would not trade this experience for the world. It has taught me so much about my Creator. I have found that He is in the BIG picture  …and He is in the smallest of details. He is as close as my next breath.  Nothing can come into my life with out being filtered through His hands first. So, I consider you a “gift”…  not because you are anything special….but because gave it to me to discover ALL that He is… ALL the treasures that are hidden in Him.  I am living out ….and watching Scritpture come alive. “ALL things do come together for those who love God….” 

I love in Isaiah 43:2 where it says…..

” When you pass through the waters , I will be with you: And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scortch you.”

I totally feel like I have walked through the fire and I totally feel carried!  ((by the way, you are about to be toast!))

…I love the POWer Christ brings!  ((and you are about to be knocked out!)) Yes, I am gloating.

When we have Christ living in us … we have the same power……the same POWer that raised Jesus from the dead!  I do not see how people who do not have a relationship with Jesus live in this world…. (Well, yes… I actually can… have you seen the evening news lately?) 

I would love to take this opportunity to encourage  anyone who has Christ to go DEEPer with Him and take Him at His word. If I had not ardently sought out my relationship…with the Lord… starting in college….. I am sure my lackluster devotion would not have sustained me through this.

 I think  , Mr. Tomb-er,   you  would have choked me up in fear. You may have had the opportunity to get the best of me….

But, I am IN Christ. No matter what is thrown at me… He covers me! He is enough!

So, I say “Good Night “to you… may you sleep well….

Remember….tomorrow is coming!  (insert sinister laugh)

R.I.P  Tomb-er!

May you forever Rest in PIECES

“Just ME and my Lollipop”




Thanks for coming back…. Life has been really crazy lately… Thanksgiving was ah-mazing! I loved having our sweet friends from Georgia at our house! I hope your turkey was plump and juicy, too!

Well, I get to share  a word or two of devotion  for chapel at our middle and high school campus…on Wednesday. The 6th through 12th graders will be there…and it is a perfect time to share some perspective!…. and yes… use lollipops! Yes… an unsuspecting “volunteer” will aid me and lick a lollipop as I read it..

I will speak of many things …. but  I will use a poem I wrote to drive home a point! I am sure , by the end, you will know the point…

Here it goes…

Just Me and My Lollipop

Lick, Lick, Lick…. What?

Can’t you see I am busy?

I am engrossed in this lollipop

and it  is engrossed  in me!

I don’t have time to see the world around…

this lollipop is my “LIFE”…. and we abound!

Closer and closer to the middle I’ll lick…

Finally, I’ll reach what, I think ,makes life tick!

So, I keep licking as the world passes me by….

I dare not look up…it might require that my” self” might have to die…

Die to myself and all that I hold DEAR!?!

All the pleasures and treasures , I know, are going to be, right in HERE!

Lick, lick, lick… What?

What did you say?

Whatever is in the middle will never stay?

It will only be here for just today?

I am missing the heart of what will really last.

I have to change my focus-one day this life will be in  the past.

It WAS just me and my lollipop

NOW, I have to stop-

Look up! Look Around!

God has HUGE plans I have found!

It is His will I want to taste!

Wow,  that lollipop was sure a waste!

I am hoping that whatever anyone is wishing …or working so hard for… is something that will have eternal value. We, including me… put so much emphasis on petty …trivial things… Having a brain tumor really helps put things into proper perspective..

 All of this that we hold dear… will one day be gone!  The relationships we have  and the love of Christ that we share… is what will last forever.

14 days till surgery! I am getting excited… anxious….peaceful…all at the same time. Let’s just say… I am ready!


“What if….”



As a teacher… I love to ask this question a lot~ What IF?

I especially love for my students to write “What if ‘s … in their journals..

I like to ask silly “what ifs”…just  to get them thinking.

I think the cutest one that I do is…”What if we  did not have  gravity?” I love to hear the student’s responses!

Recently we all read about Thomas Edison…. the text said that he was always full of questions! It said his mom encouraged him to learn and to always ask those questions! What if this… what if that… and he actually tried it…experimented it…DID it!

(personal opinion… I think our young people are too  enamored with themselves or the gadgets they are playing with…. to achieve the “top score”… that they are missing out on being inquisitive!~ Missing out on discoveries! ~even simple ones… like what is in the backyard!~  bugs, painting with mud, collecting rocks…etc..

I often think “What if …..”  the people involved in inventing the MRI machine  were too busy doing video games??  The technology to look inside of the skull might not have been thought up…. Who was the man or woman who thought that was possible?? They had to have asked a lot of… what ifs!

If I may say so….. I think those two words put together are a couple of the most powerful words that could ever be put together!

Those are “live changing words”…”World changing words”….I know that I am forever grateful for the masterminds of the machine/microscope that is pictured above! This will be my Dec. 17th…. This will be my surgeons’ world… All day long they will look through this machine to examine my brain and take out the gray matter that is getting on my last nerve! Maybe some marbles will roll out onto the floor, too!  Or…maybe I can just give them a bag to kindly …while they are there…. just replace the ones  that are missing! I know I have a few….:)

I was at breakfast with a sweet friend…. this morning! We just had girl time!~ Over pancakes…and coffee we talked about our lives and her special “What if”… Hers came in the form of her pastor’s words….He asked the question and God put a vision in her mind of adopting!! When it is the Lord’s will …nothing can get in it’s way… and she now has her sweet son from Ethiopia …. Get this!! His name means….”a gift ” in his language.  His life is forever CHANGED because someone dared to ask the question… “What if?”

I love the story of how an old man was walking along the seashore that was littered with thousands of starfish… He was throwing them in one by one! Along came another man and asked him…” Why are you doing that? You can’t save them all … you are not even making a difference”

~ the old man replied…. “To THAT  starfish I did!”…. as he threw it back into its home.


Do you have a What if? … is it outlandish?  does it seem impossible?….. well, I know a God that makes all things possible and He loves to do outlandish things through His beloved! He is fully prepared to use His unlimited resources to accomplish big dreams!

We could sit idle and ask… all of the BAD what if’s that would probably NEVER happen… we would worry our self sick over those.. it would be like  sitting in a rocking chair …working up a sweat… and going nowhere fast!~

I loved hearing her story. I loved seeing the smiling little one pictured in the picture flaps of her  wallet along with her children…

That baby is safe …loved… and cherished at her home !~

I love the potential of those TWO LITTLE WORDS~


Last year…a CAR! …this year a SCAR!~



Ok… so last year… (We were ready to get rid of our trusty van!~ You know the wonderful family car that the “kids” grew up with! The one with the tattered seats…stains on the carpet and mile of memories! I think my van was the only one in town with a “Water Buffalo ding in the side!~ Yes, we will call it youth ministry at the drive thru safari park! I will never forget that day!  I think there may have been corn kernels still lurking somewhere in the corners! When we bought the new car…. I had to have a moment alone in it  just to reminisce  the  sMILES our trusty van gave to us…

POOF!~ now ,to the story! So, last year…Christmas morning….We fabricated the scene from  one of the Christmas commercials! You know the one that has this car in the driveway…as the mom…(hair done , make up …and a cup of steaming coffee in hand) ….goes out and finds this beautiful  machine in the driveway  with a BIG red bow attached to the top!! Well… that was me… minus the hair done and make up!~ Chuck actually  went out  to Michael’s and got a HUGE RED BOW and put it on the top!  (sweet!)

We got a Nissan Murano and I have never looked back to the van…. except this summer when I wanted to haul extra kids …. ;( needless to say…. we lived!

Any way…

This year is a different story!~ I already know my gift… It will come in the form of an extraction of a” blob in the brain!”  …and a train track scar up the side of my skull.  ~ Who came up with the idea of stapling the skin?? Who had the nerve to try it for the very first time….(ha ha , that was funny) so, I am venturing to say that with  year’s gift … I am able to already begin the process of opening all of its wonders!  I don’t even have the scar yet….

It is actually going to be the topic of a devotion I will give at the middle school/high school campus  at Westminster in early Dec. I am so excited to have been asked to share!~ I think we will have some fun with it…(Pray for me as I need direct words and clarity in the short amount of time that I will have to speak truth into the lives of young people…)

I am also going to venture to say… that… with last year’s gift… the Murano…..I have gotten a lot of mileage out of it.  🙂 I love to drive it!

With this year’s gift….the “Blob”…. I have already gotten a lot of “smilage” out of God’s blessings and love from others. I love to discover thru it!

I have found that …. as I stare into the manger….into the revelation of  God’s perfect  gift…. I am overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed that  heaven would come  to an ugly ..sin filled earth to rescue it . I find that as I travel on this road mapped out for me……. I have all that I will EVER need in life and death. This week’s memory work  for school…was to break down the Lord’s Prayer… and we did..

.”Give us this day our daily bread”

…He promises to provide us with all that we REALLY need in our spiritual life and physical life!”

He is the BREAD~ DAILY~ With every sunrise comes the dawning of His unlimited resources!~

As I seek HIM… I find Him!~You say… how can an impending  scar be a gift?  That is how!

We live in a world where gravity is inevitable… we are going to have scars! ~ We also live in a world where  the life’s burdens are unbearable at times… we are going to go off route and suffer from schemes not meant for us ….. but BEHOLD!~ those  shameful scars can still be turned into gifts and plunder  to be used  against the enemy.

I look forward to the season approaching us… first of THANKSGIVING and then of  being able to stare  into the wonder of Jesus….

He is an expert in the area of scars!~ He has them to prove his undeniable  LOVE for us!

We are his prized possession!~

So much …that He is waiting for us at our final destination~

OH , the difference an “S” makes! …… from   CAR to  S ~CAR         …. I would like to claim the “S”  to represent my SWEET  SAVIOR!~


“Departing News”

So, today….  I decided to part my hair on the “other side”.  I wanted to “try” a new thing while I still feel like doing my hair. My hair “parts” on the right side and swoops over to the left…. today….not sure why…but, today…. I decided to part it on the left. I guess with the leaves changing colors and Christmas commercials on the television…  my subconscious is telling me my surgery is not too far away… they will shave the right side right behind my ear…so…I wanted to train my hair to fall to that side to fill in the empty spaces…. Let’s just get the awkwardness over with so I can focus on other stuff later…

Yes…. I parted my hair on the opposite side…. I felt “opposite…lopsidedly….silly” all day. I am going to have to get used  to it…  and GUESS WHAT???!!  no one EVEN noticed…it was hard for people to pick it out, even if I asked them. I did ask  my students and they even  had a hard time figuring out what was “different”!…and they have to look at me everyday!

They did tell me I looked “younger”!!…. and hey, I will that!! 🙂

It got me thinking! ….

( I may know what you are thinking….”ummm, WHO CARES if you parted your hair on the opposite side?”

How many times to we go about our day….worried about how we look… or feel…. or worried someone will notice something we are self conscientious about. We spend a lot of time and energy focused on ourselves. We are worried about what 99% of the people will not even notice…and if truth were told…those 99% are too busy worrying about themselves they don’t have time to notice what anyone else has going on.

So…here is some encouragement …… The time you go somewhere with two different socks on…or something doesn’t match….or all of your energy is spent explaining why you don’t have make-up on…or ~fill in the blank…..there is a good chance people do not even notice or mind.  When I was a little girl, I always thought my hands were too big. I would sit on them and hide them…. same with my elbows…!! I thought they were awkward. COME ON! I wish I could have told myself….”Who cares? …… I also tried to pick my freckles off…to no avail… I still have them.

Sometimes , I wonder why we all can’t relax into our  own skin and be good with who we are. It frees us up to love life a little more and be loved for who we are.  It allows us to break down the walls of expectation of ourselves…. and frees us up to..  just to do “our best “~ whatever that is.

So….”departing news”…. today… I felt “lopsidedly.. silly” as I sported my new “do”.  I am happy to announce I lived through my first day of inverted bangs….

and  I will live through the period of  time when my shaved hair will grow back…. and my scar is exposed.

I will live through awkward moments of non- balance…

I will live in freedom….not chained to the idea that everything has to be perfect ….

and maybe it will be infectious to allow those around me to feel the freedom, too!









This morning my son woke up not feeling very well… I checked him once… I checked him twice…. my mom gut was “ify”….. I went through all the “can’t go to school”  check off list…and fever was the highest on the list. He did not have any fever.   I looked into his eyes… and  they  always tell …oh…so much! I did not see any impending warnings…. so , off to school we went!

About 11:30 or so … I got the call. As you , know I teach 3rd grade , so it is not like I can just drop what I am doing and go get him. Well, to make this short and get on with the story… I got him home… on Rx , cough drops and syrup.   My heart is smiling … because as the day went on I, too, began to feel under the weather and took as much Fast Max Mucinex as he did…. So with , two steaming cups of Ginseng Honey/ Lemon hot tea and a nap later…. I feel like I, too , am coming back to life.

I have a few minutes this afternoon, so I wanted to write out what I am finding that  God… will NOT let me get away with!


It may seem like a party… it feels good ,at time,s to want to wallow… however!

It is a slippery slope…. It is a destructive destination….. It is an easy trap to fall into.  Sometimes I think, “WHY do I have to be the one? Lord, this hurts. I don’t want to go through surgery…I don’t want to be trusted so much!~ I am tired of being strong…Why can’t I just go back to being normal?Waaahhhhh! ”

As I spent the afternoon on the couch… I came across this beautiful verse…

Colossians 1:10

“That you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.”


I would love for that to be one of my “compass” verses for this season… and ALL seasons for that matter , of my life.

It is a walk… and in order to WALK… one must put one foot in front of the other. It is not for my own heart to discern the way. ~


I think of Noah… he built an ARK! I am sure it was back breaking! I am sure he slammed his thumb with the hammer a time or two

…..and I wonder  if he wondered…. “What ? Why am I doing this?…No one else is having to do this..”

He must have been  the brunt of every joke on the street corners

…….He went on to save mankind through the flood.

I think of Joseph…. he was actually THROWN into  a PIT and  sold into slavery by his brothers …. thrown into prison unjustly!

I wonder what he thought as he was sitting in that  hard prison cell….. “Why am I here? This is so UNFAIR!”  ….. He was so full of character

…he did not have time for self pity… He used it as  an opportunity to BE who God created him to be

          ….He went on the LEAD Egypt and save his family.


On Sunday… one of the pastors at church talked about JOY!…even through hardships….~  I think for the most part , I have wrestled with my plight…and have found my Savior to be  so personal to me! I really wouldn’t want to trade this valley or struggle…because then I would miss out on ALL that He is.

BUT… I DO have those  self pity moments…..just this last week…. I wanted to crawl out of my skin and disappear. I wondered … why have this blog? Why the joy? Who cares? Then… Sunday.  😉   The message was for everybody… but to me, it was a direct command to  STAY the course…It was as though He was saying…” DO NOT GO THERE! Do not entertain those murky thoughts….  It will take you to the PIT! Then, you will not have the energy to dwell in Me and radiate or experience ALL that I AM ”

OK… as if that wasn’t enough…..so get this~ a mom of one of my former students in Boca Facebook messaged me and… said that her son just got back from a mission trip from South Africa.  He is a pastor and mentioned me in his sermon, yes, on  SUNDAY!. ~ Because of Facebook, he knows what is going on in my life. She said he stated that I was  “not giving into self pity, but using it to bring glory to God!”  I chuckle…. the Lord is fighting for me.

The Lord will not let me dip my toe in the self pity puddle!!

I came across this verse today… too.

It is in Exodus 14:14                    “The Lord will fight for you: you need only to be STILL.”

I find it a fabulous verse to find on the day I am home early from the classroom with my  ….feet up…hoarding  the  hot tea…. and tissues!

So,  I will prayerfully place one foot in front of the other and navigate the pity puddles …the murky mud…the slimy pit….

I don’t know what is going on in your life…..if  you have something going on that is leading you into the pit… maybe you are reading this for a reason…a direct revelation….of…..YOU do NOT belong there!

CHIN UP , friend!It is going to be alright!  😉  He has a reason and a purpose for your life!

                                                                                              ….He can do great and mighty things ..which you do not know!

“Oh… Know your …Knot!”

I love this title…. It is kinda tricky!~

Before I get into it… I have to take you back to my college days… I had a little picture with a saying that said… “When you are at the end of your rope… just tie a knot and HANG on!”  It has stuck with me through the years…. and I often refer back to it…. when things get rough!

I have to refer back to  this Monday.  The horrible incessant noise in my ear was more than I could stand. It was giving me a huge headache … try teaching with a “plane taking off in your ear” and an impending brain explosion on the way. Needless to say… I went to bed at 7:30 without any regrets!

On Tuesday… I remembered this nifty little saying from my college days. As soon as I got to school…. I was greeted by a little girl, who is in my class,  and a note that she had written for me. It was a sweet note made with her little rubber stamps that had on the outside   “Song of the Month”…(it is by  Brit Nicole…. “GOLD”)    On the inside  she reminded me that I am worth more than GOLD.  🙂 I think she likes that song! Then a little cute blonde haired boy came in to my room…. he came in with a gift! It was from his Mom …who will happen to  be my substitute when I leave…. it was an OWL~ and a note to remind me WHOOOO cares for me! THEN… if that is “knot” enough….When I got home , I found a CD in the mail box from my sister in law …and her girls! It was a whole CD  full of songs to minister to me! OK….THEN… I shall keep going! Just when I thought I had reached the bottom of the rope and  had tied a KNOT… Jesus was there to meet me at the knot… even for dinner! !!! My sweet friend , Ginny and her husband came over and delivered the most delicious lasagna …salad….and all the fixings. She even had raisin spice cookies and pumpkin cream bread! So… yummy!

I was so touched that the Lord would orchestrate these events on such a day that I thought I wanted a “fast pass” off of life. I wanted to derail…I wanted out… I wanted it to all go away. the Lord would not let me dwell on those thoughts!

It was as if He said…. “OH , no you’re NOT! I love you too much for  you  to think those things … I know you will get to the end of your rope… I know these times are going to be hard… I know your needs! I know you love Me… and I want you to know how I love you too!”

so…I am humbled by His gifts of blessing!  I am so thankful that …I “KNOW who is always going to be with me  at the end of my rope… who is hanging out at the knot”…   WHOOOO is  with me at  every part of the journey…

So glad to know that  I am KNOT alone…

He is KNOT ever  going to leave me…. He is KNOT allowing this for any other reason or  gain , but His!

And… for that reason…. I will NOT let go of my KNOT!  😉